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AKA DUA Institute of Energy Healing

The Aka Dua Institute of


offers teachings for the general public which can be of great benefit in your life.  This information is available through classes, seminars and other special events.  This material is aimed at using the powerful techniques of this energy to enhance your work in virtually any field of endeavor. 

An Ancient Energy for a New Era

The world of conventional science has always been, and still is, skeptical of all the forms of subtle energy healing.  From homeopathy to acupuncture, qigong, pranic healing, Therapeutic Touch, and the dozens of other similar modalities, the most common response of the scientific communities of medicine and biology is to view them as quaint folk beliefs at best, or fraudulent, dangerous quackery at worst. 

Every indigenous culture throughout the world has a name for the living, subtle energy we know most commonly as Qi.  The version of subtle energy from the Toltec culture of North-America is known as Aka Dua, which means "Innermost Light".  Because of some unique differences based in modern physics (discussed here), the Aka Dua has the potential, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, to be the strongest, most versatile and most effective form of subtle energy healing available.

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 This politically and financially motivated stance against forms of energy healing, however, is mostly concentrated in the United States.  Homeopathic medicines are the largest selling medications in the world, outstripping even conventional pharmaceutical drugs.  Acupuncture has been a powerful treatment method throughout Asia for more than 5,000 years, long before modern Western science was invented. 

The Toltec culture used the Aka Dua for many other things in addition to healing.  Many such uses are presented throughout this website.  The Aka Dua is a tool for enhancing all forms of human performance, from healing to spiritual work, the arts, athletics, virtually any field of human endeavor.  

Consciously incorporating the subtle energies into our daily lives is one of the keys to human advancement in the 21st century.  The Aka Dua is the strongest such tool you can use.  Welcome to the future of humanity.  Welcome to the Aka Dua!

Aka Dua Institute of Energy Healing