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2023 Course Descriptions

Special Courses and Advanced Aka Dua Training - 2023

August 2023 - 

Sat 5th/11am mt  - Advanced Energy & Consciousness Training  (4hr course/$80)*

The basics of Consciousness Training (Intention, Attention, & Place of Power) are taught in our Aka Dua level 1 course to assist students in developing their skills with subtle energies.  Energy follows conscious thought, learning to set clear intents and hold our attention are the key to success.  This new course will focus specifically on the advanced consciousness exercises and training necessary to take your personal and professional practice to new level.  It will teach the process of learning to place your Attention outside the physical world and on the energetic planes; connecting with your own higher plane consciousness; techniques of Intention and Attention to learn to navigate the higher planes; mapping; group consciousness techniques; introduction to connecting with the Cosmic Consciousness.  There are no pre-requisites for this course, and it is not necessary to hold the Aka Dua, although some previous focused work is recommended.

Sat 26th /11am mt  - Advanced Energy Medicine Training  (4hr course/$80)*

An Introduction to Energy Medicine is taught in our Aka Dua level 2 course for students specifically interested in using the energy in their personal and professional practice.  The fundamentals covered included ethics, creating a space, assessment, excesses and deficiencies, blockages and leakage, balancing the energies fields and chakras.  In this advanced course Dr. Cage, ND will be sharing with us many of the advanced techniques he uses in his practice including kinesiology and muscle testing, specific work with the energetic anatomy, organs, and mental emotional disturbances.  Technique will be given to stimulate and accelerate the body’s own healing mechanisms.  This is a hands-on practical course best taken in a live group where students can practice the techniques on each other (contact us about group work in your region).  There are no pre-requisites for this course, and it is not necessary to hold the Aka Dua, although some previous energy and healing work are recommended. 

September 2023 - 

Sun 17th /3pm mt  - Advanced Aka Dua Training (level 3/above)   (4hr course/$80)*

The Advanced Aka Dua picks up where the Level 3 course left off with many suggested paths and direction for using the energy in your specific area of emphasis including consciousness, healing, and spiritual work.  The Advanced Aka Dua Training is also a doorway to higher plane applications of the energy including spiritual paths, esoteric philosophy, and shamanism from whence the Aka Dua comes.  Those drawn to continue on the Aka Dua path find themselves bringing through something new, working for the Aka Dua, leading to the advanced levels 4-5.  Specific techniques are only given in the courses, and new material and exercises are introduced in each year, so it is recommended that serious students retake this course to hone and refine their skills and learn new techniques.  This course is only open to those holding the Aka Dua level 3 and above.  If you have not received your L3 from the Aka Dua Institute instructor permission and testing is required.  (Level 2 holders may be admitted with instructor permission and will need to receive their level 3 prior to the class.  Additional $300 for the L3 Attunement)

October 2023 - 

Sun 29th /4pm mt - Introduction to Labyrinth Reading (ABD)  (by donation)

This is an introduction to Labyrinth Reading for Dead and those in transition on otherwise out of body (coma, dementia, depression, etc.) The readings are from translation/interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, by EJ Gold, including the American Book of the Dead, Angels Healing Journey, and Book of Sacraments.  These works and the art of reading for the dead will be discussed and demonstrated for those unfamiliar with this service and spiritual path, that of a Gatekeep, spiritual guide, or Death Doula. This Introduction is offered in anticipation of the Labyrinth Reader Course, a three month long weekly course required to become proficient in this work.  This training and practical consciousness exercises are highly recommended for anyone work from a distance in healing, lightwork, and prayer Absolute.  The Introduction will answer your questions about this service and potential training.  The course is open all those called to this work, as well as preparing for our own ascension process.

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