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What is the Aka Dua and How Does it Work?


As a subtle energy, the Aka Dua is in the same broad family, yet distinctly different than other subtle energies such as Qi, Prana, etc.  Unique differences based in physics, discussed on our physics pages, means the Aka Dua imparts capabilities far beyond any other form of subtle energy, whether used for healing, consciousness work or any other purpose.

Another unique aspect of the Aka Dua is that it isn't just one frequency of energy.  Aka Dua also can be divided into 7 unique sub-frequencies, named for the sensations they tend to impart:

Solar, Lunar, Atmospheric, Oceanic, Volcanic, Obsidian, and one called the Unnamed.  

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These unique differences offered by the Aka Dua result in the Aka Dua substance combining with your atomic structure.  This is roughly the equivalent of allowing you to vibrate and resonate at a much wider range of frequencies than you otherwise could.  Think of this as adding additional strings and octaves to a stringed musical instrument such as a piano, or giving you a bigger antenna and more powerful amplifier.

The Aka Dua then enhances all you use it for with Intent.  This can be healing, consciousness work, spiritual work or meditation, music, the arts, athletics, martial arts, business, the possibilities are literally endless.

We have a number of pages in this section which discuss the various applications of the Aka Dua as well as the progression of the training classes.  Please contact us as soon as you are ready to enhance your natural abilities with this wonderfully powerful ancient energy technique.

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