Aka Dua and the

Spiritual Path

One of the most challenging aspects of assuming a spiritual path is the unification of our seemingly "real" world with our spiritual work.  The two aspects of our lives enhance the dualism of this collective reality, and seem to pull us in many directions, offering us a host of distractions and conflicting priorities.

As we grow in our understanding we see that all of our experiences and opportunities are part of one great whole, affected by our conscious intents and Will.

On a path of self-initiation one must first accept one’s own divinity and eternal potential. Realizing one’s self as a sacred vessel, and constructing ones inner temple to create the foundation onto which all higher work will be balanced.

The outward expression of this work-on-self will be seen in our homes, our interaction with others, and our work in the world.  Home as Temple, making every seemingly ordinary task an expression of devotion, can quickly merge the conflicts of duality and transform our ordinary experiences into sacred connections.


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Aka Dua for Spiritual Growth Specific techniques with the Aka Dua will accelerate your spiritual growth and transformation. Receive an Aka Dua Transmission Adding the Aka Dua substance to your physical makeup, your atomic structure, helps enhance all the function of all your energy bodies. Simply receive an Aka Dua transmission and perform the same spiritual practices will increase their effectiveness. Energy Body Synthesis and Integration This technique uses the Aka Dua to enhance the connections between your physical body and conscious mind, with your higher energy bodies: the Etheric, Astral, Mental and Spiritual bodies. This makes you a more fully integrated and wholistic being, and better able to accomplish all you do, especially your spiritual and healing work. True Will Activation This is a combination of a very specific Aka Dua activation technique and a guided visualization technique intended to help you make contact with your true purpose in life, your True Will. Finding and accomplishing your True Will is ultimately the true goal of all spiritual work you can do on yourself.








Aka Dua for Healing Aka Dua Healing Sessions These are focused on assessing the state of your energy bodies and energy organs and helping to re-establish optimal flow and function. Because your Physical body follows the instructions it receives from your Etheric body, this can help bring about healing on the physical level. Esoteric Energetics Based on the principles of Esoteric Acupuncture developed by Mikio Sankey, this technique uses the Aka Dua energy to activate key Acupoints in an energetic gridwork using Sacred Geometry. The result is an enhancement of your energy fields and organs that helps opens gateways, or portals, to your higher planes of consciousness. You are then able to use those open gateways to accelerate your spiritual progress.

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