Aka Dua and Human Consciousness

The Toltec teachings recognize that it is not our bodies that makes us human, but our consciousness.  Many different spiritual or religious traditions acknowledge this fact.  In the Judeo-Christian Bible, we read that "God made Man in his own image".  This clearly refers to more than just our physical appearance.  

The Toltecs consider consciousness as the primary scientific tool by which we investigate the Universe.  The Toltec view, however, is that as a tool, it is capable of being upgraded or improved.  We can add new capabilities beyond what we had when we were each born.  We can expand our ability to receive information from, and send information to, the rest of the Universe.  Using the same analogy that the visible portion of the light spectrum is just a tiny portion of overall electromagnetic spectrum, so too the amount of information we pay attention to from all sensory avenues available to us is just a small amount of what we are capable of receiving and processing.

Specific techniques have been refined over the centuries to permit the diligent student to add to their innate abilities of consciousness.  Groups of individuals trained in these techniques who combine their efforts have a greatly enhanced ability to alter the human collective consciousness and contribute to new paradigms for humanity, and thus change our world.

We have two seminars, described below, which can start you on the path to a higher-performing consciousness and a new human paradigm.  Watch our Calendar page for dates, times and places.

Consciousness & Toltec Wisdom Level One:

Toltec Techniques to Upgrade your Consciousness

Teaches a number of powerful principles from Toltec wisdom on how to start upgrading your consciousness.  It starts with a transmission of the Aka Dua energy, the powerful healing and transformational tool of the Toltecs.  We then apply this energy with other Toltec techniques to enhance your ability to work with an Intent, to work with Attention, to enhance your Perception, and to connect with your True Self. 

Consciousness & Toltec Wisdom Level Two:

Embracing the Collective Consciousness

This course builds on the Level One class, and starts by adding a Level Two Aka Dua attunement.  We then explore a variety of techniques to use the energy to work collaboratively in groups.  By combining energy and engaging in group meditation techniques, you will learn to link together in a coherent manner to start influencing the collective consciousness.  This is done at first in small groups, and is ideal for families to work together.



Aka Dua Institute of Healing



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