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What is Energy Medicine? 
Most conventional medical treatments rely on the use of drugs. Molecules are introduced into your body which have a biochemical effect. It is well know what tissues each drug affects, how fast the drug is eliminated from the system, when to take another dose to keep the blood levels constant, and so forth. This area of medical study is known as Pharmacology.


Many alternative systems do not deliver any drugs, herbs, supplements or other molecules to the patient, and yet, are known to have positive effects. Such healing methods include Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Qigong, Reiki, Jin Shin Jitsu, Therapeutic Touch, and many others.


Conventional medicine, which seems to only understand pharmacology, has generally analyzed these Alternative, Energy Medicine systems and has been highly skeptical. Anything that doesn’t work by the principles of Pharmacology has been dumped into a category called “The Placebo Effect” (LINK TO PLACEBO EFFECT). The implication, of course, is that the Placebo Effect is bad. And any healing using the Placebo effect is somehow not real.


Most patients don’t seem to care how they work, as long as they get better.


Many of these forms of Energy Medicine have been in use for 1,000s of years, far longer than the often dangerous prescription drugs that form the mainstay of conventional medicine. Finally, in the last 10-20 years, we are finally making progress determining how many of these energy medicine systems work. The key to their understanding lies in the world of Modern Physics .

Within the larger world of biology and medicine, over the past 100 years or so numerous phenomena have been documented which defy conventional explanation. These include aspects of fetal development, why some creatures are able to re-grow limbs but humans cannot, identical twins on opposite sides of the world simultaneously experiencing mutual knowledge, hidden “messages” in water crystals, the mechanism of action of acupuncture and how needling a point on the little toe can improve vision, how the highly-dilute medicines of homeopathy exert their proven, clinical healing ability, the phenomena of auras which has now been scientifically documented, and numerous other healing phenomena.


In the various fields of Alternative medicine, a variety of healing techniques have evolved and been refined, sometimes, like acupuncture, over thousands of years, which for some health conditions are able to induce a healing for patients which more conventional medicine techniques do not. These various methods have been described as Energy Medicine, since they do not involve giving the patient any drugs, herbs or other molecules which might exert a pharmacological effect.


It is this lack of anything measurable which makes scientific investigation into energy medicine challenging, and, has limited their growth and acceptance, both within the world of conventional medicine, and in the general public.


As we move into the 21st Century, these various forms of Energy Medicine are being more thoroughly investigated and documented, and as a result, are being more widely accepted by the population at large, which is eagerly searching for alternatives for health problems which conventional medicine is sometimes unable to help.

Aka Dua is a form of energy medicine that is uniquely different than any other form of energy medicine currently in use.


The key difference between Aka Dua and everything else, is that Aka Dua involves the actual transmission into the body of a subtle physical substance. This subtle substance is capable of making profound changes on the material plane by combining with your body at the sub-atomic level. The exact description of this substance from a physics perspective has not been completed, but is believed to involve scalar waves. Upon transmission to the recipient, Aka Dua becomes part of the practitioner’s body on the subatomic level.


Other forms of energy medicine allow the practitioner to enhance the flow of existing energy within themselves and their clients. This might be compared to carefully tuning a stringed musical instrument.


By incorporating the Aka Dua substance into the body, it will permit the practitioner to resonate more strongly with, and to receive energy more easily from the Quantum Field. Think of this as adding more stings to the instrument which cover a greater range of octaves of musical notes. As a result, you can develop a much stronger, more effective system of energy medicine. With the Aka Dua, you become a stronger conduit for energy, able to use and transmit higher and more specific levels of energy than before.


Another difference between Aka Dua and other forms of energy medicine is that it has seven distinct frequencies of energy. These frequencies are combined in different ways depending on the specific healing purpose needed.


Once you have a Level 2 training, you are able to use each frequency individually, or any combination of two or more as best needed by your clients.

Information for Health Care Providers 
Aka Dua has the ability to enhance any healing modality you currently use. By focusing the Aka Dua with your intention, any physical skill can improve, from surgery to massage therapy to chiropractic manipulation and many more.


It can enhance your clinical judgement and intuition, thereby helping you with clinical diagnosis.


It can amplify the effects of other energy medicine techniques, such as acupuncture, therapeutic touch, qigong, Reiki and others. There are many practitioners who, after using these other energy techniques, sometimes for decades, find that their ability sense and deliver energy becomes strongly enhanced after receiving the Aka Dua.


Massage therapists report that their treatments are more effective and patients show faster healing responses when they combine Aka Dua with their treatments.


If you would like to add Aka Dua to your clinical toolkit, the process starts with a Level 1 class and transmission. After at least 28 days, you can add the Level 2 class and attunement. This gives you access to the full range of Aka Dua frequencies. As a practitioner using the Aka Dua in your work, Level 2 is as far as you need to progress. Go to the Calendar page for upcoming courses and events/

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