Aka Dua for Healing

Aka Dua is a form of subtle energy, in the same broad family yet distinctly different from Qi, Prana, Reiki and many other forms of energy healing. There are some important differences between Aka Dua and any other form of subtle energy healing.  First, there are actually seven main subdivisions of the Aka Dua energy, which are referred to as frequencies. Each has slightly different properties. When you gain proficiency in using the Aka Dua for healing, you will learn to use each frequency on its own, or in any combination of two or more to enhance the healing effects.  The frequencies are named based on the sensations or effects they can impart:

Solar, Lunar, Atmospheric, Oceanic, Volcanic, Obsidian and Unnamed.  The Unnamed frequency is specifically not given a name so as to not influence your experience with this powerful frequency.




Aka Dua Institute of Healing



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The next major difference between the Aka Dua and every other form of subtle energy, is that Aka Dua doesn’t just adjust, or retune, your own natural energy.  It involves the transmission into your atomic fields of what is described traditionally as a Subtle Physical Substance.  It is the addition of this substance into your fields that makes Aka Dua the strongest form of energy known.

Some of the most common uses of Aka Dua are as a  healing modality.  It can be used on its own, or to enhance any other healing work you do. Everything, from acupuncture, to chiropractic, massage, other forms of energy healing, all will be stronger and more effective if you add the Aka Dua to your tool kit.

Join us on the cutting edge of healing and the transformation of your consciousness for the 21st Century.  Welcome to the Aka Dua!

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