History of the Tolteca and

the Aka Dua Energy

History of the Aka Dua and the Toltecs


Many people have heard of the term “Qi” (pronounced Chee) from the Chinese traditions.  Qi is the living energy of the universe, which is part of how we stay alive, become healthy and thrive.  Many Westerners have heard of Qi through exposure to acupuncture as a therapeutic modality.  Balancing the flow of Qi through the body is the basis of acupuncture treatments.  The Ayurvedic traditions from India use the name Prana to describe this same energy.  The idea of Qi and Prana are relatively well known throughout the world.


Much less well known, however, is the form of subtle energy from the Toltec culture of Meso-America.  This is primarily due to the fact that when the Toltec civilization was ending in the late 900s AD after a 1500-year run, those who held the knowledge of their subtle energy, which they called The Power, went into hiding.


The last Toltec king, Ce Acatl, was deposed after a long period of drought, environmental disasters and famine.  He and his priesthood caste, the holders of The Power, took their energy and scattered in all directions, with a plan to blend in with any other culture they found and to keep the knowledge of The Power secret. 


For more than 1,000 years, The Power was passed on in secret.  Each generation refined it and developed new techniques and ways of using it.  While the Power was used for healing, its primary purpose was spiritual transformation, like that of the Toltec civilization as a whole,


Finally, in 2007, the Power was released to the public through the Toltec shaman Koyote the Blind.  When he released this energy, Koyote gave it a new name – Aka Dua – which means Innermost Light. 


There are now more holders of the Aka Dua than there have been in more than 1,000 years.  New uses for this powerful energy are continually being developed, as the synergy of many practitioners of this energy has its effect.  Using the Aka Dua connects you to the higher intelligence it emanates from.  We call this the Matrix of Light.  It can be thought of as a specific subset of the Quantum Field, the background field of potential energy which permeates the universe.  (more on the physics of Aka Dua here). 


The modern history of the Aka Dua is still being written.  It is one of the most powerful tools available for healing, and for spiritual transformation that we have available.

The naturally occurring metal we know as Iron is very hard.  Discovering how to mine it and forge it into tools was a great advance in human history over the copper and bronze implements that predated it.  While stronger and harder, however, iron is also very brittle and can break easily under stress.  Eventually, it was learned that iron could be combined with carbon – charcoal – in a way that produced Steel.  Not only stronger and harder than iron, it is also more flexible and therefore much less prone to breaking.


The process of converting iron to steel is quite simple.  The iron is heated until it melts, combined with the carbon, and then pounded under a hammer and anvil.  Then, it is reheated and re-pounded, over and over again.


This has become a metaphor for the Shamanic process of transforming our mind, our consciousness and our spiritual makeup.  We cannot hope to rise to our full spiritual potential with the level of consciousness we were born with.  We expose ourselves to situations and knowledge that are not ordinary.  They may not be easy for everyone.  But the later reward – of a transformed consciousness capable of transcending worlds – carries with it potential beyond the imagination of ordinary humans who have not undergone similar training.

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