Aka Dua in the ARTS, Writing and Education

Aka Dua can also be used to enhance virtually any other activity you engage in – from Art to Dance, Music, Athletics, Martial Arts, Gardening, Carpentry – they will all get better by adding the Aka Dua.  More importantly perhaps, is one of the primary traditional ways the Toltecs used the Aka Dua — to enhance your consciousness and your spiritual growth.

The Aka Dua energy follow your thoughts and attention, in the hands of an artist, musician or other performers, the energy flows with her focused attention to easy and enhance each movement and stroke of the pen.  Simply invoking the energy with a specific intent will magnify the ease and grace of each production.  The energy will also assist director and choreographers in the instruction and vision,

The Aka Dua is particularly helpful in creative writing and composing, allowing one to draw on deep inspiration and influence than the conscious mind could possibly hold and process with the magnification of these sensory functions.  Simply invoking the energy before writing will ease the flow of thoughts and direction within the work.

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