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The manual delves into Aka Dua’s fascinating history, explains mastery levels and frequency signatures of the Aka Dua energy, relates it to a modern physics/quantum mechanical understanding of subtle energies and energy medicine, and provides a toolbox of simple, yet profound techniques for moving energy, healing work, and changing your consciousness.

As a form of subtle energy medicine, Aka Dua is a powerful healing energy. For practitioners in any field of energy practice can greatly enhance their healing work with the Aka Dua energy and training techniques: other forms of subtle energy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic, kinesiology, coaching, intuitive healing, surgery, can all benefit from the conscious use of energy. Aka Dua is suitable for personal, home and wholistic care for yourself and family, as well as within your professional pratice.

Aka Dua is also used for a variety of other purposes, and can greatly enhance any activity which blends attention, concentration, movement, or dexterity. Many Aka Dua recipients use this powerful energy for dance, art, writing, music, carpentry, athletics – there is no limit to its applications. This book will teach techniques that can be used with other energy modalities, even if you have not received a transmission of this powerful energy.

The Aka Dua is an amplifier and receiver of energy, giving a wider range of frequencies, more powerfully, than you can naturally. It can enhance your clinical intuition, your skills of client assessment, your bedside manner. In short, the people you work with in your personal & professional practice will tend, on average, to get better, faster.

However you would like to use subtle energy, the Aka Dua and this book are the place to start.

The Aka Dua Energy

An Ancient Energy for a New Era

by Dr. Arlan Cage

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