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Aka Dua Training Process and Classes

There are Five Levels of Aka Dua Training possible. Each level enhances different skills and provides access to different aspects of the Aka Dua.

The work with Aka Dua begins with what is called a Level 1 Transmission. This involves someone who has been trained to Level 3 transmitting the Aka Dua energy to you.  After a Level 1 transmission, the Aka Dua substance becomes part of your energy body. You must use the Aka Dua daily for the first 14 days after your transmission for it to become a permanent part of you.

Most people will naturally resonate with one or more of the 7 frequencies ...

Solar, Lunar, Atmospheric, Oceanic, Volcanic , Obsidian, and the Un-Named

After a minimum 28 days from the time of your Level One Transmission, you are able to receive a Level 2 Attunement. This adjusts the Aka Dua substance in your body so that you will be able to sense and control all seven of the Aka Dua frequencies.  This is the crucial point for being able to fully use the Aka Dua for healing.


Covers the history and background of the Aka Dua, basics of energy flow in the body, energetic anatomy, ethics for using subtle energy, basic energy exercise, basic skills to enhance consciousness, and the science of the Aka Dua. Requires no prior experience in the use of the subtle energies.


Covers the new skills available to you as a Level Two, primarily the ability to use and combine the 7 sub-frequencies of the Aka Dua.  Additional healing and/or consciousness skills, depending on the interests of the class participants.  Must have held the Level One Transmission for a minimum of 28 days.


Level Three adds the ability to perform Level One transmissions and Level Two attunements.  Instruction is primarily focused on teaching these skills, with other advanced techniques of healing, consciousness or Spiritual Transformation, depending on the interests of the class participants.  There is no waiting period for the L3 following the L2, however it is recommend the L1 & L2 exercises has been mastered, and tat a regular practice.

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A Level 3 Attunement gives the ability to transmit the Aka Dua L1 & L2 to others.  A Level 3 also will increase your overall power and ability with the Aka Dua, so your healing work will be stronger, as will anything else you are using it for.  There is no minimum level of time to wait between the Level 2 and your Level 3.  What is important is that you should have been actually using the Aka Dua.  Like exercising at a gym, regular training and work is required to gain proficiency.  Attempting to advance to Level 3 too soon, without enough experience, can be detrimental.

For each of these three levels, the Aka Dua Institute of Healing offers specific training classes on the basics of energy medicine in general, and Aka Dua in particular.  Transmissions and Attunements can be given by private appointment, and long distance via phone or webcam.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in receiving an Aka Dua transmission or attending our classes.

Levels 4 and 5 Training are highly advanced.

They require specific work and evolution in the use of energy and your spiritual makeup in order to handle these energies.  To accomplish these levels, you need to be working at an advanced level for “a while” as show a sense of mastery and development using the energy ... often we find ourselves working with the energy rather than simply using it. 


Levels 4 Intensives are an intensive week-long training with the energy within a closed group.  Intensive are held yearly in Montana and So. Cal.

Level 5 are available only by invitation under the supervision of a teacher in the lineage.

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