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The Aka Dua energy comes from the ancient Toltec lineage of the Americas.  It was once simply called ‘the power’ but was honed and refined over the centuries by the Nahual, men and women of knowledge, to become a powerful tool to be used in our own day and age. 

In 2007, Koyote the Blind, a Nahual and shaman in the lineage, received permission to release this powerful solar energy to the public for a short period of time in order to create a balance in the Western Hemisphere, leading to the year 2012 … a significant date in the turning of the ancestral calendar.

The initial release of a subtle physical substance as the Aka Dua level 1 Transmission and the goal of transmitting this powerful energy to 1000 people was accomplished in a short time.  Koyote then developed a way of attuning the initiates to the 7 sub-frequencies (solar, lunar, atmospheric, oceanic, volcanic, obsidian and the unnamed), which became the Aka Dua level 2 Attunement.  When some of his students began to show proficiency in this work, and the responsibility necessary to pass the energy to others, the Aka Dua level 3 initiation was developed.  At this point he claimed to be done with his work with the Aka Dua, which he named to distinguish it from other forms of energy work, and to keep track of who had actually received the energy.


In 2010, Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, desired to see that this powerful energy was not lost to humanity and was tasked with spreading the energy and refining the published manual.  He became the founder and director of the Aka Dua Institute of Energy Healing, now named Energy Medicine to more completely encompass the broad research and scientific understanding of the subtle energies in general and the Aka Dua’s ‘subtle physical substance’ specifically in terms of modern physics.



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