ITSA - Aka Dua Courses and Registration

Register for ANY Courses HERE: 
(be sure to note event date/place & contact)
1. Call or email Us with your intent (Deposit/Registration, Course,
    Questions Private appointment for consultation or healing)
2. Send the Course Fee or Deposit through Paypal, over the phone,
    (Checks prior by mail only or Cash at event pending space)
(deposits are $50 and non-refundable for cancellation)

<< Please avoid consumption of recreational Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco ... 

also please refrain from Garlic and Onions the Day of an Event>>

Upcoming Events:

Do not see the course you want?  Aka Dua Level I-III, private consultations and training can be by Distance viz Zoom chat calls around the Globe!. 
Contact us at 530-926-1600

ITSA Book of the Dead Workshop and

All Souls Day Ceremony:

ABD Workshop and Labyrinth Readers Course Training. Introduction to the (ABD) American Book of the Dead
Saturday November 2, 2019,
(1pm-5pm), $70 for guests

(Early Bird discount $25,

register by October 25th)

 (Deposits are non-refundable)

This is an Introductory Course to discuss the various Book of the Dead texts, their use as a tool for death and transition, and beginning practical exercises in anticipation of a 12-week course on Labyrinth Reader Course training.
Potluck 5pm-7pm (please, absolutely no garlic or onions)*
7PM-9pm All Soul Day Ceremony and Readings for the ABD Voyagers. Suggested Donation for the Ceremony only is $20 Contact Aurea Luc at

Aka Dua Level II Course:

Saturday November 16, 11am - 3pm  (CANCELLED)

Aka Dua Level II Attunement and Training Course $175* MS. <must have Aka Dua L1 for 28-days or more>  The emphasis is on working with the sub-frequencies and sensations, and the fundamentals of Oriental Medical therapy and Energy Healing.  Practical hands on experience and exercises.  A healthy light lunch will be included (Please avoid the consumption of Garlic and Onion the day of the event).

* Register before April 1st, 2019 and take $25 off!
Contact Us to register for the course with a $50 deposit by phone or through PayPal  at

 (Deposits are non-refundable)

Aka Dua Level III - TEACH

Saturday Winter 2019/2010 (call for details),

10am-4pm   Mount Shasta CA

LIII Attunement and Course Fee $500 ($450 with Early Registration!)*

Includes Aka Dua Level III Attunement, Course training, and lite lunch.

With the Level III attunement a practitioner can now give LI transmissions and LII attunements; this is an important part of the LIII instruction.  The remainder of the course is tailored for the skills and needs of those present, and will include resources for spreading the Aka Dua energy to All Beings Everywhere!

(Aka Dua III attunement only is $300; the course only is $200 and can be repeated)

Registar by calling 530-926-1600 or through Paypal link! 
 Early Bird by 2 week prior to class for $50 OFF!                                          
 (Deposits are non-refundable)

Calendar of Events

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