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Energy Practice
Sundays at
5pm mountain time

Winter 2023 Course Series;

Energy, Consciousness and Healing Training

… bringing Consciousness and Humanity  to a New Level! 

January         (all times Mountain Time)

Wed 4th, 7:30pm MT Book of the Moon with Aurea luc                                                 (Free Event)

Sat 14th, 11am MT    PCP L1/L2 Review for registered students                                (included in fee)

Sat 28th, 10am-2pm   Dr Cage Says – Detox and Weight-loss; video available        $225 4-weeks


February      (all times Mountain Time)

Sun 5th, 11am-5pm     Aka Dua Level 3 Course (online) <must be L2>                     $500 L3 & Class

                                            Includes L3 Attunement. Course can be repeated ($75)       $200 class only

Wed 1st, 7:30pm MT  Book of the Moon with Aurea luc                                               (Free Event)

Sat 18th,11am MT       PCP L3 Review for registered students                                     (included in fee)

Wed 22nd, 7pm MT    L4 Preparation for registered students                                       (included in fee)

Sat 25th, 11am MT      Dr Cage Says – Nutrition and the Immune System                $75


March           (all times Mountain Time)

Wed 1st, 7:30pm MT   Book of the Moon with Aurea luc                                             (Free Event)

By appointment              PCP Final Exams by March 16th, 2023 (registered students)  (included in fee)

23rd – 28th, 6-days        Aka Dua Level 4 Intensive – ‘Live’ in Northern CA         $1200 live/$900 online

                                              Includes food and Lodging.  Repeat Students                    $700 live/$500 online


Weekly Events       (all times Mountain Time)

Sundays, 5PM MT       Sunday Energy Consciousness Practice                                  (Free Event)

Mondays, 7PM MT     Tollan Discourses With Golden Eagle & Aura luc            (Free Event)

Wed/6:30pm Sat/9am  Qigong Practice & Martial Arts Training                             $25mth/$9 Patreon

By appointment          Mind Body Spirit Consultations with Dr. Cage                     $125*hr

By appointment          Hearthfire Path: Readings and Conferences w/ Aurea luc  $66*hr/1st $132


Patreon Memberships Applies to most courses and appointment

(Aka Dua Transmissions and Attunement excluded)


Contact us for Questions, Appointments and to Register for Courses: 

208-269-6901     Email:


Visit the Aka Dua Institute and Dr Cage Says Websites for details:

Contact us with Questions and to Register!

Course Descriptions
(see Dropdown menu)

Weekly (Open) Energy Consciousness Practices    - (free)*

Weekly on Sundays (5pm mt)    Consciousness, Healing and Transformational Energy techniques are practiced weekly, along with an opportunity to ask questions and share personal experiences.  The Sunday Energy consciousness Practice is held 'live' on Zoom, Sunday Afternoons at 5pm (mountain time).  Training Sessions are open to all learning levels Email us for Zoom link            *(donations appreciated!) 

Aka Dua Courses (Levels 1-4)

The Aka Dua Institute offers L1 Transmissions and L2 Attunements (must hold L1 Transmission)

Training courses focus on practical exercises, the history and background of the Aka Dua Energy consciousness training, the science of subtle energies, energy healing, and oriental medical theory.

Private online appointments with a video class and handbook for $125 each level

If you have received these levels but never taken a class, the L1 and L2 Videos/handbook are $50 ea


The Level 3 Attunement is a given in a private online appointment (must hold L2 Attunement)

An online course is held each Spring* featuring our TEACH and PCP Practitioner Certification programs to help L3’s successfully pass on the Aka Dua L1 & L2 and hold their own classes and Healing Circles. *Special L3 course offered Feburary 5th, 2023, live/online In Loma Rica CA

The L3 Attunement and 5hr course is $500*

If you currently hold the L3 Attunement, you can take the Course Only for $200* … you are encouraged to repeat the L3 course often to brush up on skills and learn new techniques.  You can repeat any Aka Dua Institute course … L1/L2 are $25, and the L3 course is $75*

The Aka Dua L4 Intensive March 23 - 28

The Level 4 is a weeklong intensive training, clearing old karmic ties, reclaiming personal power, developing astral and higher body skills in order to hold the L4 Attunement and give L3 Attunements.  The L4 Intensive is held in an energetically secure location so we can safely practice these skills.  Intentionally prepared foods, and community lodging are included.  This course is only offered every other year. The 6-day ‘live’ event is $1200, and space is limited.  Limited On-line participation is an option with instructor approval for $900.  Special requests and Payment Arrangements are also available. (click here for more details)

Contact us to Register Today!  

Aka Dua Institute Practitioner Certification Program (Level 3 and above) $100

New Resources for Aka Dua L3-L4 Practitioners – L1-L3 Training Videos and handbooks:

Our New Aka Dua Level I and Level II Video courses are open to all higher levels.

It is a great opportunity to share the Aka Dua with your friends and colleagues, and a Good Refresher for All Aka Dua Practitioners! The new presentation materials and business resources will assist level 3 Aka Dua students with essential principles and practices for themselves and their students. These teaching materials and their proficiency will be used as part of the Practitioner Certification examinations, and referral program.

* Application (Contact, training, intent)

* Examination: written/verbal questions, and practical exercises

* Resources:

                - Free Brochure downloads

                - Access to Video and Handbooks

                - Referral Listing and Contact on Website

                - Art Gallery for Aka Dua Artists

Contact us to Register Today!  

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