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Energy Practice

Sundays at

4pm pt


2021 Course Series;

Energy, Consciousness and Healing Training

… bringing Consciousness and Humanity  to a New Level! 

Summer 2021

June 26th        Aka Dua Level 2 Course (On-line, Zoom) – (3hr Course $150 w/ L2 Attunement*

10am-1pm      New Level 2’s must have held L1 for 28 days. (course can be repeated for $25)

July 17-18th    Advanced Healing: Meridian & Chakra System and Crystal Healing (2-days $250)

10am–4pm      Saturday and Sunday, (On-line, Zoom) … (see course description below)


July 31st          Aka Dua Level - 3 TEACH Basic L3 plus training others ($500 w/Initiation

10am-4pm      Saturday (Practitioner Certification Program is $100 - (Application,  L1-L3 exams)


Aug 14-15th    Healing and Transformation with Plant Medicine (2-day course $250)

10am–4pm      Saturday and Sunday, (On-line, Zoom) … (see course description below)


Aug 28th         Advanced Aka Dua Training (Level 3 and above) (1-day course $150)

10am–4pm      Saturday, (On-line, Zoom) … (Basic L3 training plus additional advanced techniques)


Sept 11th        Self-Sufficiency for Modern Times (1-day course $150)

10am–4pm      Saturday, (On-line, Zoom) … (see course description below)


Sept 25-26th  Human Structural Integrity Field (HSIF) Course -  (2-day course $250) (repeat $150)

10am–4pm      Saturday and Sunday, (On-line, Zoom) … (see course description below)


Fall 2021

Nov 18-21st    L4 Conclave – L4 Review Course and Higher Body Relay (3 or 4 day Course fee $450)

(tentative)       This is a ‘live’ Intensive for current Level 4 Students (lodging and food additional )

(All times are Pacific Time (pt), standard /daylight)

All courses and payment arrangements can be secured with a $50 Deposit

Payments made in Full 21-days prior to the course date can take an addition $25 off!

Bundle Price$$:

Aka Dua Practitioner Certification – L1-L3 Course and Exam including $25 application         $100


Summer Healing Series – $1050*

 * (25% each course or 40% all five paid in full by June 21)                                                       $600!

- Advanced Energy Healing - Meridian & Chakra System and Crystal (2-days $250)

- Healing and Transformation with Plant Medicine (2-day course $250)

- Advanced Aka Dua Training (Level 3 and above) (1-day course $150)

- Self-Sufficiency for Modern Times (1-day course $150)     

- Human Structural Integrity Field (HSIF) Course - (2-day course $250) (repeat $150)

Weekly (Open) Energy Consciousness Practices    - (free)*

Weekly (Sundays 4pm pdt) <<TBA>  Beginning is June 2020 those interested will be notified of impromptu training in Consciousness, Healing and Transformational Energy techniques.  Sessions will tentatively be on Zoom and You Tube on Wednesday Evenings and Sunday Afternoons (Pacific Daylight time).  Training Sessions are open to all learning levels 

Email us for Zoom link            *(donations appreciated!)

Course Descriptions

2021 Aka Dua Series

 - May 22, 9am-noon pt, Aka Dua Level 1 (on line)*  $150

 - June 26, 10am-1pm pt, Aka Dua Level 2 (on line)* $150

 - July 31, 10am-1pm pt, Aka Dua Level 3, basic L3*  $500

  ...  *TEACH program & instructor certification **  $100

 * Level 1 Transmission and Level 2 Attunements are $100 each
* The Live Zoom Class, and teaching materials are  $50(course can be repeated for $25)
** Level 3 Course is $500, including materials and L3 initiation, and instruction for L1/L2     

     (course can be repeated for $75)

Golden Eagle Healing Work and Life Path Consultations  

(Private appointments, Distance work, Consultations) $150 hr

Dr. Cage uses as number of energy methods to address the real causes, correct imbalances in the higher light bodies, and unlock your own, natural healing powers.  These methods include Aka Dua, different forms of Qigong, and methods that specifically target the higher bodies.  All of this can help you connect with and accomplish your true purpose in life.


​Aka Dua Institute Practitioner Certification Program (Level 3 and above) $100

New Resources for Aka Dua L3-L4 Practitioners – L1-L3 Training Videos and handbooks: Our New Aka Dua Level I and Level II courses are open to all higher levels.

It is a great opportunity to bring your friends and colleagues and Good Refresher for All Aka Dua Practitioners! The new presentation materials and business resources will assist level 3 Aka Dua students with essential principles and practices for themselves and their students. These teaching materials and their proficiency will be used as part of the upcoming Instructors Certification and referral program.

* Application (Contact, training, intent)

* Examination: written/verbal questions, and practical exercises

* Resources:

                - Free Brochure downloads

                - Access to Video and Handbooks

                - Referral Listing and Contact on Website

                - Art Gallery for Aka Dua Artists


Summer Healing Series 2021 - Courses        

1) Advanced Healing: Meridian, Chakra System and Crystal Healing - Course fee $225

(On-line)  We will present a straightforward method of learning the energy anatomies, (chakras, meridians, acupoints), how they enervate the body’s physical organs, and how to access them to stimulate innate healing.  The Crystal Healing portion of this course covers basic properties of crystals, the different stored intelligences of crystals and how to use them as amplifiers of energy to stimulate healing.   This is a two-day class. Saturday and Sunday July 17th - 18th, 2021


2) Healing and Transformation with Plant Medicine - Course fee $250 (On-line)

Other than touch, the first medicines humans used in history were plants. Plants are also foods.  There is clear overlap between plants as food and plants as medicine.  What do we do with plants in each category?  We will review uses of plants as salves, teas, tinctures and other medicines.  Differences between the basic forms of plant medicines, and what distinguishes them from homeopathic medicines will be covered.  Basics of growing, harvesting, drying, tincturing will be covered.  Culinary use of healing and transformational herbs will be presented, along with healing uses of culinary herbs and foods.  This is a two-day class.  Saturday and Sunday, August 14th -15th, 2021


3) Advanced Aka Dua Training (Level 3 and above) 1-day course fee $150 (On-line)

Basic L3 training will be reviewed and additional advanced techniques suitable for new L3 Students with experience.  The Level 3 is a doorway into personal expression and spiritual practices, and addresses the mind, body, and spirit.  Saturday August 28th, 2021


4) Self-Sufficiency for Modern Times - Course fee $150 (On-line)

Part of an ongoing series, we compare the needs of a Long-Term Shelter in Place approach, to how to evacuate and be self-sufficient somewhere else.  Foods, cooking, clothing, shelter, first-aid, hunting, fishing, growing, how to read a map and compass; these are the major topics that will be discussed.  This is a one-day class. Saturday September 11th, 2021


5) Human Structure Integrity Field Method 1 - Course fee ($250) (repeat class $150)

2-day (On-line) Courses combines methods of energy healing, kinesiology, trigger point stimulus and other non-force techniques.  Suitable for healers and practitioners of all types.

Saturday and Sunday September 25th - 26th, 2021


**This Fall 2021 - Aka Dua Level 4 Conclave - Course fee $450, plus lodging and food 

(Live Course, No. Cal)  This class is open ONLY to holders of Aka Dua Level 4 or higher (you level 5’s out there are welcome to attend too!).  We will review some of the major exercises from the Level 4 Diaphanous Shell Intensive, along with new applications of these exercises and principles.  We will present material on a healing technique called the Higher Body Relay; This is a technique to upgrade your consciousness as a healer and use your higher bodies to correct imbalances and initiate healing for clients through their higher bodies.   This will be a 3 - 4 day course (dates TBD)