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Energy Practice

Sundays at

4pm pt


2021 Course Series;

Energy, Consciousness and Healing Training

… bringing Consciousness and Humanity  to a New Level! 

Winter and Spring 2022

PCP Practitioner Certification Program, Study Session for Level 1 and Level 2 exams. $100

Saturday March 12th, 2022 - 10am - Noon PT (Open to New and Current PCP Students)

Aka Dua Level 1 Transmissions and Level 2 Attunements are by appointment only! $100

Video Training and Handbook of each level along with a private follow-up call are $50

Contact us to set up an initial appointment.


Aka Dua Level 3 Attunement and training course will be held in May 2022 (date/time tbd)

Advanced Aka Dua Courses on Healing, Consciousness, and Personal Practice - Summer 2022

Aka Dua Level 4 Initiation Intensive or Review will be held this Fall 2022 (open to L3 and above)

Contact for details on these up coming courses ...

Contact us with Questions and to Register!

Course Descriptions

Weekly (Open) Energy Consciousness Practices    - (free)*

Weekly (Sundays 4pm pdt)    Consciousness, Healing and Transformational Energy techniques are practiced weekly, along with an opportunity to ask questions and share personal experiences.  The Sunday Energy consciousness Practice is held 'live' on Zoom, Sunday Afternoons at 4pm (Pacific time).  Training Sessions are open to all learning levels Email us for Zoom link            *(donations appreciated!)

Aka Dua Institute Practitioner Certification Program (Level 3 and above) $100

New Resources for Aka Dua L3-L4 Practitioners – L1-L3 Training Videos and handbooks: Our New Aka Dua Level I and Level II courses are open to all higher levels.

It is a great opportunity to share the Aka Dua with your friends and colleagues, and a Good Refresher for All Aka Dua Practitioners! The new presentation materials and business resources will assist level 3 Aka Dua students with essential principles and practices for themselves and their students. These teaching materials and their proficiency will be used as part of the Practitioner Certification examinations, and referral program.

* Application (Contact, training, intent)

* Examination: written/verbal questions, and practical exercises

* Resources:

                - Free Brochure downloads

                - Access to Video and Handbooks

                - Referral Listing and Contact on Website

                - Art Gallery for Aka Dua Artists