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Welcome to the world subtle energies for Consciousness, Healing and Transformation. 
The Aka Dua Institute offers Aka Dua L1-L4 training, Consciousness and Mind Body Spirit Courses, Practitioner Certification, and Energy Healing (via distance) and at
Dr. Cage's new Wellness Clinic in Hamilton MT

Aka Dua Courses (Levels 1-4)

The Aka Dua Institute’s L1 Transmissions and L2 Attunements:

A private online appointment and video class for $125

If you have received these levels but never taken a class, the L1-L2 video $50 ea

The Level 3 Attunement:

L3 Attunement and 5hr course is $500

The L3 Attunement is given in a private live or online appointment and the 'live' online course is held each Spring or by special arrangement.

If you currently hold the L3 Attunement, you can take the Course Only for $200*

Aka Dua practitioners are encouraged to repeat the L3 course often to brush up on skills and learn new techniques.  You can repeat any Aka Dua Institute course with instructor permission … L1/L2 courses are $25* and the L3 course is $75*

The Aka Dua L4 Refresher Course (2024)

2-day weekend course is $300*

Advanced Aka Dua students holding the L4 initiation are encouraged to review the exercises and principles taught during the L4 Intensive.  The L4 Intensive and Refresher Courses are only offered every two years, alternating yearly.


The Aka Dua L4 Intensive (2025)

The 6-day ‘live’ event so space is limited.

The L4 Intensive is a weeklong on-site intensive training including food and lodging.  Limited on-line participation is an option with instructor approval.  

Special Intensives can be arranged for groups of 7 or more (contact us for details)


Contact us with Questions and to Register!

Special Courses and Advanced Aka Dua Training - 2023

(See course Descriptions for details)

August 2023 - 

Sat 5th/11am mt  - Advanced Energy & Consciousness Training  (4hr course/$80)*

(see course descriptions for details) There are no pre-requisites for this course, and it is not necessary to hold the Aka Dua, although some previous focused work is recommended.

Sat 26th /11am mt  - Advanced Energy Medicine Training  (4hr course/$80)*

(see course descriptions for details) This is a hands-on practical course best taken in a live group where students can practice the techniques on each other (contact us about group work in your region).  There are no pre-requisites for this course, and it is not necessary to hold the Aka Dua, although some previous energy and healing work are recommended. 

September 2023 - 

Sun 17th /3pm mt  - Advanced Aka Dua Training (level 3/above)   (4hr course/$80)*

(see course descriptions for details)  This course is only open to those holding the Aka Dua level 3 and above.  If you have not received your L3 from the Aka Dua Institute instructor permission and testing is required.  (Level 2 holders may be admitted with instructor permission and will need to receive their level 3 prior to the class.  Additional $300 for the L3 Attunement)

October 2023 - 

Sun 29th /4pm mt - Introduction to Labyrinth Reading (ABD)  (by donation)

(see course descriptions for details)   The Introduction will answer your questions about this service and potential training.  The course is open all those called to this work, as well as preparing for our own ascension process.

*Early 20% discount prepaid 2 weeks in advance.  Patreon Memberships Apply

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