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Energy & Spiritual Healing Sessions


Mind Body Spirit Consultations

Open Hands

Dr. Cage offers energy healing services aimed at unblocking your innate ability to heal and connect with your higher energy bodies.  We humans are not simply a physical body – a bag of water and biochemicals.  Indeed we are an elegant compilation of a series of energy, or light bodies culminating in our dense physical form that we see with our physical eyes, and can touch with our physical hands.  We use this body to interact in the physical world.


Most of modern medicine uses therapies aimed only at the physical body.  Most of the causes of supposedly physical ailments, however, have their true cause in the higher energy bodies.  Only by targeting these will long term, permanent healing result.


Dr. Cage uses as number of energy methods to address these real causes, to correct imbalances in the higher light bodies, and unlock your own, natural healing powers.  These methods include Aka Dua, different forms of Qigong, and methods that specifically target the higher bodies.  All of this, in turn, can help you connect with and accomplish your true purpose in life.

Reiki Treatment

Healing Sessions typically last about an hour, and the price for a session is $150.  Very often, 1 session is all that is necessary to activate that force within you to bring about your true healing.  Most session are available via distance (on-line) via Zoom.


For Questions or to Schedule a Session, use the following email address.  Payment can be made using the payment button below.

Contact Us to Schedule your private Appointment with Dr. Cage - Golden Eagle

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