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Summer & Fall 2024 Calendar

(Visit our website for course descriptions and registration)


Scheduled Courses

Introduction to Energy Medicine (free) Online course - Saturday, July 27th, 10am – noon mdt

This course is for those new to energy medicine and those looking for new direction, no experience necessary. There will be a short presentation followed practical group work. 

Aka Dua level 1 Transmission or level 2 Attunement ($100 ea) can be received following the course or within a private live or online appointment.

Energy Medicine for Healers – Saturday August 17th, 10am – 1pm mdt, live or online ($45)

This course is for those who wish to use energy medicine in their personal or professional healing work. Most of the training is practical and is suitable for those meeting as a group remotely.  No experience is required, however Aka Dua L1-L2 or other practiced training are recommended.


Introduction to Kinesiology – Saturday, October 12th, 10am – 3pm mdt, live and online ($125)

This is a practical course to learn how to use subtle energies for diagnosis and is specifically offered as a pre-requisite course to learn and become certified in Dr. Cage’s system of structural alignment and soft tissue treatment:

HSIF - The Human Structural Integrity Field Method of Kinesiological Physiotherapy

This is a beginning course and is open to anyone who wishes to develop assessment and affirmational skills


Special 8-week course – The Tree of Life as a Roadmap for Spiritual Attainment

For those employing subtle energies for their own growth or assisting others this unique course is a must. The Tree of Life comes from ancient Hebrew mysticism and is a useful tool for balancing our ordinary lives with our higher consciousness and spiritual goals. 

There is no experience required, however the material is deep and extensive.

The 8 classes are held 5-7pm mdt, Sunday afternoon/eves,

August 4th -25th, and September 8th -29th

Classes will be recorded for those enrolled who cannot attend

The 8-week course is $248 … Earlybird price is $198 if paid in full by July 24th, 2024

<< Note: All Time listed are US Mountain Time >>

Private or Group Appointments

The Aka Dua L1 Transmission & L2 Attunement are always available in a Private Appointment As energy follows conscious thought the Aka Dua level 1 Transmission can assist anyone in their daily practice. No Experience necessary, ($100)

The Aka Dua level 2 Attunement expands the ability to consciously access subtle energies.

<L1 is required 28-days prior>, ($100)

Private and group training is available for both levels by appointment, live and online.

Special training videos are available to learn and practice exercises on request ($50 ea)


The Aka Dua L3 Attunement is also available in a Private Appointment ($300), live and online

The level 3 is for those wishing to give level L1-L2 to others & for advanced personal practice.<Aka Dua level 1-2 and ability with the basic exercises are required for advancement>


Naturopathic and Energy Medicine Treatments & Mind Body Spirit Counseling

Private and Group Appointments can be scheduled with Dr. Cage, ND in the Bitterroot Valley, MT and on-line.  Dr. Cage is a licensed naturopathic physician, including structural alignment, homeopathy, kinesiology, medical qigongAside from his clinical practice he offers Mind Body Spirit consultations and energy medicine treatments. Medical and Counseling appointments are scheduled through his office, 406-361-8073,


Dr. Cage Wellness Plan and Patreon Memberships Apply!

Payment arrangements upon request.

Contact us for Questions, Appointments and to Register for Courses:  406-361-8073

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