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The Aka Dua Institute

Level 4 Intensive

March 23rd – 28th, 2023

Live course, Loma Rica CA

(must hold L3 Aka Dua)

The Aka Dua Institute is pleased to announce our next Level 4 Intensive to be held in Northern California, March 23rd-28th, 2023 in Loma Rica CA.  All participants must hold the Level 3 Aka Dua to participate.  This is a weeklong intensive course of advanced technical practice … it can be taken on-line with Instructor Permission, but it is best experienced during a live course.  A $50 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your place; total is due by March 1st, or 50% of total with approved payment arrangements.


Diaphanous Shell Intensive Course Description

The course is called an Intensive for good reason.  It lasts 6 days and continues 24 hours per day.  The body may rest but the work will continue in the dreaming.  It covers all the skills necessary to be able to activate and use your Diaphanous Shell, in order to be able to receive the Level Four Initiation.  It covers in one week the amount of instruction and transformation that in the past took the initiate many months or years. 


Some of the specifics included in the course are:

•    Astral Projection                                             •    Meditation

•    Mastery over Etheric forces                         •    Second Attention

•    Higher level Dreaming                                 •    Aligning the Tonal

•    Manifestation and Destiny alignment     •    Mastery of Perception

•    Voyaging through Higher planes              •    How to give Level Three Attunements


After the Level Four Intensive, you will be able to perform Level Three Attunements.  As you know, you must be a Level Three to perform Level One Transmissions and Level Two Attunements.  You must be a Level Four or higher to perform the Level Three attunement.  For those of you called to teach and spread the Aka Dua, the Level 4 will be a major advancement in your work.   For those whose primary focus is on using the Aka Dua for spiritual growth or part of your greater work, Level 4 opens many new possibilities unavailable until you achieve Level 4.


  • The Live course fee is $1200 and includes all Food, Drink, and Lodging

  • The On-line course is $900, and will require a private undisturbed space to participate

  • The Course can be repeated by current L4’s for $700 live or $500 online


A $50 non-refundable Deposit is Due by January 6th 2023, to hold your place (space is limited).  Payment Arrangements are available with 50% paid by March 1st 2023


Contact us with Questions and to request the Registration packet …

$50 non-refundable deposit


The Aka Dua Institute of Energy Healing

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