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Crystal Healings and Aka Dua Energy Balancing with Aurea luc

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Aurea luc - Golden Light, is a level 5 Initiate and Aka Dua Practitioner.  She has held the Aka Dua for over 14 years and has trained under the most advanced energy healers.  Her work with the Aka Dua has focused on energy balancing, crystal healings, intention cooking, the creation of sacred objects and ceremonial clothing emphasizing natural and energy conductive materials, and creating sacred and invocational spaces using the energy.

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Contact Aurea with Questions or to Book and Appointment

Crystal Healing and Energy Balancing
Aurea uses a special collection of stones and crystals in her healing and guidance work.  The Aka Dua stones collectively hold the L1 transmission with the intent of Healing and Transformation.  Each individual stone has been infused with the Aka Dua sub-frequencies for a single purpose. Additionally a set of sacred geometry crystals and a variety of wands and energy tools are employed to achieve balance of the B
ody Mind and Spirit. 
Readings and Conference Consultations

Private one-on-one consultations for balancing Mind Body and Spirit include practical work on self, selected readings and series of conferences.
Energy and Crystal Healings and Consultations
Done 'Live' remotely, with a suggested donation of $66 to the Aka Dua Institute for a 1hr session 

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