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How does energy medicine work? To put this answer into perspective, I am going to quote two prominent 20th century scientists.  The first is the famous physicist/engineer/inventor Nikola Tesla, who said ...

“If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of

energy, frequency and vibration.”

The second quote is from a Nobel prize winning physicist Werner Heisenberg, who noted:

“Something has to be added to the laws of physics and chemistry before

the biological phenomena can be completely understood".


The Aka Dua possesses a number of key differences from most other systems of energy medicine, such as Qi, Prana, and many other names for methods which work with the body’s innate energy …

The main difference is that Aka Dua practitioners receive a transmission of an additional energy, defined as a subtle physical substance, which greatly enhances the natural ability to use and manipulate qi.  During Aka Dua training this additional energy is added to the energy field of the practitioner, in very much the same way that different electromagnetic frequencies are added in a process called multiplexing. The Aka Dua energy greatly amplifies the practitioner’s natural abilities with energy, as well as any other energy systems they may use, such as medical qigong.

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