Biology and Energy Medicine

Limitations of Conventional Biology 
Within the larger world of biology and medicine, over the past 100 years or so numerous phenomena have been documented which defy conventional explanation. These include aspects of fetal development, why some creatures are able to re-grow limbs but humans cannot, identical twins on opposite sides of the world simultaneously experiencing mutual knowledge, hidden “messages” in water crystals, the mechanism of action of acupuncture and how needling a point on the little toe can improve vision, how the highly-dilute medicines of homeopathy exert their proven, clinical healing ability, the phenomena of auras which has now been scientifically documented, and numerous other healing phenomena.


In the various fields of Alternative medicine, a variety of healing techniques have evolved and been refined, sometimes, like acupuncture, over thousands of years, which for some health conditions are able to induce a healing for patients which more conventional medicine techniques do not. These various methods have been described as Energy Medicine, since they do not involve giving the patient any drugs, herbs or other molecules which might exert a pharmacological effect.


It is this lack of anything measurable which makes scientific investigation into energy medicine challenging, and, has limited their growth and acceptance, both within the world of conventional medicine, and in the general public.


As we move into the 21st Century, these various forms of Energy Medicine are being more thoroughly investigated and documented, and as a result, are being more widely accepted by the population at large, which is eagerly searching for alternatives for health problems which conventional medicine is sometimes unable to help.


As we discussed in the main Physics page, the key to understanding the subtle energies lies in the world of Modern Physics - quantum mechanics, relativity and related fields.  These are highly technical subjects, and virtually the only people who every formally study them are physicists.  Engineers are required to study them, chemists aren't, and biologists and medical doctors aren't.  This is the main "root cause" of why energy medicine isn't taught or even discussed in conventional medical or nursing schools - neither the students or the teachers ever open a textbook on modern physics!

Thus, no matter how much obvious evidence there is that energy medicine phenomena are easily explainable with the principles of Modern Physics, the world of conventional medicine and biology seems to lack basic skills that would permit them to embrace this medicine of the 21st Century. 

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