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Aurea luc, Golden Light, is a Level 5 Aka Dua Practitioner, with 17 years exerience working with subtle energies for healing, energy balancing and personal practice. She works with clients on personal energy treatments, learning and practicing subtle energy and developing a advanced skills. 
She is certified to give Aka Dua levels 1-4*,
*(Level 4 is only given as part of a week long Intensive)
Energy Sessions are $66
Aka Dua Level 1-2 are $100
Aka Dua Level 3 is $300

Aurea also works with clients on the Hearth Fire Path balancing the livetime with their consciousness and spiritual goals ... check out her video on the Book of the Moon YouTube channel, then contact her to set an appointment.  
First Appointment is $132
Follow-up Appointments are $66

Aurea is a certified Labyrinth Reader for those in transition, caught in mental emotional spaces, or suffering from illness.  She Reads from the Tibetan and American Books fo the Dead, The Angels Healing Journey and the Book of Sacraments upon request - Contact Aurea to request Readings - free service.

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