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Labyrinth Readers Course
with Aurea luc - Bonnie Cage

Introduction Class (free)

January 21st, 2024

Sunday at 5pm (mountain time)

12-Week Training Course ($150)

January 28th through April 7th, 2024

2-hr weekly class, on-line via zoom

Sundays at 5pm (mountain time)

ABD Readings.jpg

The Labyrinth Reader Course (LRC) was developed by EJ Gold and the IDHHB family, to assist those performing readings from the American Book of the Dead for souls in transition.  These techniques are invaluable for those assisting and guiding others on either side of the veil … including those experiencing other levels of consciousness, such as dementia, mental emotional disturbances, addiction, and depression.

The LRC Consciousness Techniques can also be applied to our own personal practice … intention, attention, place of power, God posture, and contact exercises are some of the foundational skills necessary to make clear connections with those in transition and come directly from the LRC training.  I have found that this training can support and enhance distance work, connection with guides, navigation of the bardo, tools for voyaging ... all skills that can be difficult to master without regular or guided practice.

For those who have never taken the course, they are offered infrequently by the Labyrinth Readers Society, Pilar Gamboa, and myself that I know of.  For those called to work as a spirit guide, gatekeeper, death doula, caregiver, hospice nurse, etc. this training is important to experience at least once.  The LRS used to require a Reader to take the course 4 times to become a certified reader, so repeating the material is necessary to truly absorb the techniques.  First and foremost, this training is for us, for our own voyaging and transformation, as well as a tool for us to assist others create a body of habits for our eternal passage.

The class size is limited to 10 students.  The 1st Six (new) Students that are interested in completing the 12-week course as outlined will be given priority.  I will reserve (4) places for guest students who would like to attend, observe, and/or participate in group exercises as they can (cost is the same, and you will receive the  e-materials). The $150 registration is for the study materials from the Labyrinth Readers Society and adminstrative costs ... this work is done as a service.

I have been practicing this work since 2007, and have taught the Labyrinth Readers Course several times with the permission of the Labyrinth Readers Society.This will most likely be the last time I am able to offer the 12-week course, so if you have been waiting for the course to be offered, this is your opportunity. However, I do also work with student readers individually, so please contact me if you have questions.


May these efforts be for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

Contact: Aurea luc     


Register now!  Course Begins January 21st with the (free) Introduction

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