Aka Dua Level IV Intensive

The Diaphanous Shell

January 19-25, 2019

held at a retreat center in

Mount Shasta CA

food, lodging and training

(details below)

Open to Level III Aka Dua Practitioners

Aka Dua Institute of Energy Healing
Mount Shasta CA
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Modern Development of the Aka Dua Levels

Every indigenous culture on the planet has a form of subtle energy.  Qi, Prana, Vital Force – these are some of the names used over the centuries by different peoples.  The Toltecs of North and Meso America called their version “The Power”.  The Egyptians called theirs the Aka Dua – Unity Uttermost Shown is one translation, Innermost Light is another.

When studying on the Toltec path, Koyote the Blind realized that The Power and the Aka Dua were the one and same form of subtle energy.  Oral traditions point out that both the Toltecs and the Egyptians are descended from the Atlanteans, despite mainstream academia denying its existence.  When he was directed to release The Power to the world starting in 2007, Koyote chose the name Aka Dua to designate it.


At first, there was just the Aka Dua – what we now would call a Level One.  After a time, some of his students, however, began demonstrating patterns of growth with the Aka Dua requiring something more to manage it.  So Koyote developed the Level Two Attunement process which resulted in recipients being able to better control the individual sub-frequencies which compose the Aka Dua spectrum.


After a little more time, again, it was his students, holders of Level Two, who started spontaneously pushing through the limits and so Koyote went back to work and another level was created – the Level Three.  This, among other things, gave recipients the ability to perform Level One Transmissions and Level Two Attunements, the thus the Aka Dua started to spread faster. 


While this initial “figuring out” of the Aka Dua levels may seem now to have been a little unpredictable, keep in mind that in the past, there were no levels.  One simply worked with the Nahual – the Toltec Shaman – and gradually over the years The Power was transferred through resonance.  Strength would increase the more The Power was used.  Passing it on quickly through Transmissions and Attunements is a relatively new phenomenon.  It has been more than 1,000 years since as many people have held the Aka Dua as hold it now. 


This is how things stood for a couple of years.  It was during this time that I found Koyote and the Aka Dua.  I progressed quickly to Level Three.  Then, much to my surprise and Koyote’s, things started to happen to me.  I began to go through a series of energetic and spiritual transformations.  This was all spontaneous, unplanned and un-expected – and I had no control over it whatsoever. 


This included great physical pain with no apparent cause.  Strong electric shocks coursing through my body at random times and often lasting for days.  There were times I could not eat.  Sleep was frequently impossible.  There were times the only relief came from standing barefoot on the ground, which got interesting in four feet of snow. 


Eventually, Koyote put me through a period of intensive training, where time was shamanically compressed so that many days and nights were experienced in just two days of calendar time.  This process succeeded in helping me push through the barrier to Level Four of the Aka Dua – the first person other than Koyote to achieve that level. 


Over the subsequent year or so, three other individuals joined me in the Level Four ranks.  Each of them went through their own version of a difficult transition as collectively, we were the experiment, the Guinea pigs breaking new ground. 


For many years, there were no more Level 4s.  What Koyote learned from watching the four of us go through our transformations and the aftermath, however, helped him develop a process for a much smoother transition to Level Four.  In April of 2016, he offered the first Level Four Intensive, a training course in which many months are compressed into one week, and what was formerly an unpredictable process was now carefully regulated and defined.  At first, only his formal Shamanic students in the Toltec lineage were invited to participate in this process, and 22 went through that initial course.  Starting in 2018, he has expanded eligibility for the Level Four Intensive to include all Level Three holders who are actively engaged with the Aka Dua. 


Having achieved Level 5 of the Aka Dua, I will now be offering the Level Four Intensive here in Northern California through the Institute of Toltec Shamanic Arts.  Course details are listed below.  I hope you will join us for this truly transformative experience.

What Happens at Level IV Intensive?

Level Four permits you to access the Aka Dua at a deeper and more powerful degree.  As at each of the earlier levels, there is a major quantum leap in your abilities and your connection to the Matrix of Light – that portion of the higher planes of the Universe thought of as a subset of the Quantum Field – that is the source of the Aka Dua and interconnects all Aka Dua holders to the Unity of the Universe in a stronger manner beyond what is normally possible. 


The key advance in progressing to Level Four is the development and consolidation of the Diaphanous Shell.  This is the higher body membrane upon which the luminous body is formed and upon which the Assemblage Point projects its harmonics to form the Tonal – the “reality” as we see the world.


The training that leads to this activation of the Diaphanous Shell requires mastery of etheric forces, of astral projection, of dreaming, of one’s perceptions and of one’s manifestations.  This Intensive course brings together all the training necessary to master the Diaphanous Shell and instructs you in how to use it to accomplish the life you came here to live.


Diaphanous Shell Intensive Course Description

The course is called an Intensive for good reason.  It lasts 7 days and continues 24 hours per day.  The body may rest but the work will continue in the dreaming.  It covers all the skills necessary to be able to activate and use your Diaphanous Shell, and to be able to receive the Level Four Initiation.  It covers in one week the amount of instruction and transformation that in the past took many months or years.  Some of the specifics included in the course are:


•    Astral Projection

•    Mastery over Etheric forces

•    Higher level Dreaming

•    Manifestation and Destiny alignment

•    Voyaging through Higher planes

•    Meditation

•    Second Attention

•    Aligning the Tonal

•    Mastery of Perception

•    How to perform Level Three Attunement


To be able to accomplish this, a sacred chamber is created around the course site.  This way all the universal forces and radiations can be regulated in a manner conducive to a smooth transition.  To maintain this chamber means there are a few requirements for participation.


Once the Intensive begins, you must be present the entire time.  You cannot be late and cannot miss any portion.  Also, it is not possible to leave the Intensive site; no trips to the store for anything you may have forgotten, no sightseeing trips up Mt. Shasta, no trips to coffee shops to “chill” because the day was too intense and you want to unwind.  There is simply no time to cover the amount of material that must be covered if you leave the transformational space to participate in mundane activities of the world.  Leaving the chamber during this process can also be unsafe. 


There will be opportunities several times per day to check email and voice messages and make any necessary phone calls.  During the periods of Instruction, however, all electronic devices need to be turned off or in airplane mode, etc.  You should expect to be busy most of the time. 


After the Level Four Intensive, you will be able to perform Level Three Attunements.  As you know, you must be a Level Three to perform Level One Transmissions and Level Two Attunements.  You must be a Level Four or higher to perform the Level Three attunement.  For those of you called to teach and spread the Aka Dua, the Level 4 will be a major advancement in your work. 


As you know, the going price for a Level One or Level Two is $100 each, with the addition of a course fee if the work is done as part of a class.  The standard rate for a Level Three is $500.  The higher price is for several reasons.  One, the recipient is now able to perform Level Ones and Twos and receive payment for this service.  Also, the price acts as a filter to help ensure that those who become Level Threes are truly committed to using and spreading the Aka Dua for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere.


For those of you not interested in initiating others into the Aka Dua, the Level 4 is just as powerful and beneficial for all your other work.  It will create a tremendous change in your current abilities, as a healer, in the arts, in your spiritual work.  It will give you access to the life line that holds the key to fulfilling your Destiny.  This training gives you the key and unlocks the powers to be able to do what you came here to do –  your True Will.  The Level 4 is a true key to magical, shamanic and spiritual powers.  If any of this is your calling, if any of this resonates with you, I highly recommend you attend this course.


Space in this initial course is limited by the size of the facility.  Once it is full, that’s it, it is full.  If you feel a calling to Level 4 of the Aka Dua, I encourage you to register early.


Golden Eagle

Registration for the The Diaphanous Shell Intensive


The Intensive will take place over a 7-day period in Mount Shasta, CA.  The dates are:

January 19-25, 2019.  This runs from a Saturday morning to a Friday afternoon.  The training includes everything necessary for the effective accomplishment of the abilities listed above, the Activation of your Diaphanous Shell, and the Level 4 training that will enable you to perform Level 3 Attunements.  It also includes all meals and lodging. 



To register for the course, you will need to send an email with the required registration information listed below and make at least an initial payment.  See the payment and pricing options below.  The required information is:

- Your Full Name

- Date, Time and Place of your birth

- When you received your Level 3 and from whom

- What have been your impressions of the Aka Dua? 

    Share your experience with this sacred force.

- What is your objective for taking this Level 4 Intensive?

- Make a payment, either a deposit to hold your place

or the full amount, via one of the Paypal links on the website https://www.akaduahealing.com/ and click the “Donate” button, or call and give us credit card information, or bring a payment in person.

Pricing Options:

Full, standard price for the one week of Intensive training as described in this announcement, lodging, meals and snacks


Special, one-time-only discount rate in honor of 2019 being Golden Eagle’s 10-year anniversary with the Aka Dua:  This rate is available only to the first 10 people who sign up and commit.


The Early Bird discount rate, offered to anyone after the first 10 who signs up and commits before the early bird deadline of  November 15, 2018


Initial Deposit. To reserve your space and claim one of the discount plans listed above (1st 10 or Early Bird) an initial deposit is required.  This deposit is non-refundable.


After the first 10 have registered and after the early bird deadline, the full, standard price applies

Payment Plans;

Payment plans are possible.  After your initial deposit of $300, if you would like to make arrangements for a payment plan on your balance, please contact us: akaduahealing@gmail.com                                530-926-1600


ITSA Policies Regarding the Level 4 Intensive

1. The $300 deposit is non-refundable.

2. If you choose to cancel at any point prior to the start of the class, any amount paid above the $300 deposit will be refunded at a rate of 50%.

3. If you decide to drop out after the class begins, there is no refund.

4. Attendance at the event location is required for the entire Intensive course.  It is not possible to leave each day and sleep somewhere else, for example.

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