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The Aka Dua transmission of a subtle physical substance resides in the body’s energy fields and acts as an amplifying and receiving generator. Subtle energy follows conscious thought, enhancing and magnifying our intentions.  Just like the volume on the stereo it can work quietly in the back ground or be turned up for a specific purpose, when it is used along with practiced, focused activities it can greatly enhance the intended results. Referencing energy and physics principles, the affects can be demonstrated in close focus work, as well as over long a distances and for unlimited intents.  While those within the healing professions may have clear outlets for using subtle energies, anyone performing focus work of any kind can likewise experience a dramatic increase in their awareness, intuition and results.

Aka Dua level 1 is received as a transmission of a subtle physical substance and is suitable for all those interested in receiving the energy.  It is also appropriate for children, animals and work with sacred objects.  With development of consciousness skills and regular use of the energy it will grow and strengthen over time. 

The level 1 Transmission is $100, and a separate training video & handbook is $50.

Aka Dua level 2 Attunement can be received 28-days following the level 1 and will open and expand the use of the energy to include the seven main sub-frequencies: Solar, Lunar, Atmospheric, Oceanic, Volcanic, Obsidian and the Un-Named.  This level is best accessed with conscious intentional work, especially for personal practice and professional work of any kind.

The level 2 Attunement is $100, and a separate training video & handbook is $50.

Aka Dua level 3 Initiation is for those who wish to spread the Aka Dua by giving levels 1-2, and for those involved in advanced personal practice.  There is no minimum waiting period after the level 2 attunement, however skill with the level 1 and 2 exercises, and using the Aka Dua as a Level 2 for “a while” is highly recommended.   Demonstration of ethical use of energy is necessary.

The level 3 Initiation is $300 in a private appointment or $500 with the daylong training class.

Aka Dua level 4 is a weeklong intensive training and is only available by invitation

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