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Past Events

can be offered again upon request with sufficient participants.

Invocational Writing & Creating

Course Description

Beautiful writing of any genre inspires the soul.  Be it poetry, fiction, or factual information presented in new and creative ways, well written prose changes those who read it.  The same applies to artwork of all kinds: paintings, drawings, sculpture, jewelry, architecture – the list is virtually endless.  Artists and authors throughout the ages aspire to this and lament the times they aren’t able to get themselves “into the zone” to produce their highest levels of creations.

This workshop –Invocational Writing and Creating – teaches a technique that will reliably connect you to that state of consciousness, that place in the higher planes, where you connect to the Intelligence that the ancient Greeks called the Muse. 


This workshop will enable you to learn a technique that enables you to bring forth the writings, the artwork or the inventions you were meant to create.  The techniques taught are reliable and repeatable. 


Become the author or artist you were meant to be!

DATES: Sat. April 17 & Sun April 18

9 am-3 pm Pacific time each day


Cost: $150


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