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Certified Aka Dua Practitioners

The list of Practitioners have been certified with the Aka Dua Institute, having excelled in our training courses and having achieved an Aka Dua level 3 they can perform L1 Transmissions and L2 Attunements, Level 4 practitioners can give the L3 Initiation.  They each have their own emphasis in Consciousness, Healing and Transformative aspect of the Aka Dua and have been trained to do 'live' or distance work.  
(The Aka Dua Institute does not profit from the work of individual practitioners)

Contact Practitioners directly for Appointments & Inquiries

Aurea luc - L5
Schedule and appointment: 
Region - Intermountain West, and Distance work
Aka Dua, Crystal Healing, Body Mind Spirit Consults, Hearth Fire Path, Divine Feminine, Trinket Readings
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Jean Louise Green - L4

(530) 966-5254

Region:  Puget Sound Area of Northern Washington

List of Skills/Services: Aka Dua Level 1 Transmission, Level 2 Attunement, and Level 3 Attunement

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Mayuri Muad'Dib - L4
Region: Northern Ca - Red Bluff, CA
List of Skills - Aka Dua L1 Transmissions L2-L3 Attunements and classes, Healings, Card Readings, Coaching, and Digital Art.
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Contact phone/email/website
Region (Northern California)
Brief Description of Skills
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