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Now Accepting Enrollment for our  2023/2024 Program
1st Preparation Class begins June 2023
Contact Us for Details 

Aka Dua Institute Practitioner Certification Program (Level 3 and above) $250

New Resources for Aka Dua L3-L4 Practitioners – L1-L2 Training Videos and Handbooks:

Bulk wholesale prices for the Aka Dua Manual, L1 & L2 Training Handbooks (coming soon)

Certification for giving a L3 available this Fall 2023 (Level 4 & Level Only)

The Practitioner Certification Program (PCP) is open to all L3 & L4/L5 students and covers the training materials taught by the Aka Dua Institute of Energy Healing.  If you did not receive your training from the Institute or have never taken a training course it will be necessary to attend our L1-L3 courses and study from these materials.

The Program includes our L1 and L2 Training Videos and Handbooks (normally $50 each), and a Live Aka Dua L3 Course (normally $200) These teaching materials and their proficiency will be used as part of the Practitioner Certification examinations, and referral program.

Program Includes:

* Enrollment Interview with Dr. Cage, Institute Director

* Application (Contact, training, intent) and enrollment fee

* Access to L1 & L2 Training videos, handbooks and follow-up

* Attendance at the Institutes' Level 3 Course: TEACH

* (2) on-line group Study Sessions 

* Examination: written/verbal questions, and practical exercises

Resources - 

  • Practitioner Certification Certificate

  • Aka Dua Institute Announcement and referrals

  • Free Brochure & Transmission Sheet downloads

  •  Rental of L1 & L2 Video for your clients and classes

  •  L1 & L2 Handbooks and Aka Dua Manuals available at cost

  •  Referral Listing and Contact on Website

  •  Art Gallery for Aka Dua Artists (coming soon)

Contact us to Register Today!  

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