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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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Black Jaguar

February 2, 2018



Last summer’s (August 2017) total solar eclipse led to great revelations and understanding about the Jaguar frequency of Aka Dua.  You can read about that series of events here:  This January, 2018, afforded another astronomical opportunity to gain further understanding of the Aka Dua and the alchemical mix of frequencies, during a total lunar eclipse.  Much has been hyped in the media about this particular eclipse because it was a Blue Moon, a Super Moon, and a Blood Moon.  Very briefly, all a Blue Moon means is that it was the second full moon in a particular calendar month.  The lunar orbit around the earth is 28 days, and most of our months are 30 or 31 days, so this will actually happen from time-to-time.  As a by-product of our purely arbitrary calendar system, however, there is no particular astronomical significance to a Blue Moon.


A Super moon simply means that this full moon happened to occur when the moon was near its closest approach to earth in its elliptical orbit.  This makes the moon appear visually larger than average, and certainly makes for easier view of the eclipse.  The description of a Blood Moon can actually be applied to almost every total lunar eclipse, and concerns the very real physical phenomenon of diffraction.  When the earth’s shadow blocks most of the light from the sun, the longer wavelength red waves undergo diffraction, effectively “bending” around the earth and illuminating the moon, making it appear red.  This phenomenon, however was not unique to this eclipse.


As you may recall, a total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth.  One nice thing about lunar eclipses is their duration.  Whereas the total solar eclipse of 2017 was only 2 minutes in duration, this lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018 lasted an hour and 16 minutes – plenty of time to go to the bathroom, get more snacks and hot drinks and still not miss anything.  Whereas solar eclipses are limited to very specific geographic areas for viewing, which is why we had to drive about 250 miles to central Oregon to see the one last year, Lunar eclipses are visible throughout the world on the night side of the earth.  This one we were able to watch from the comfort of our front yard, in the chilly, 28 deg F winter weather on a clear night.


The Shamanic and Aka Dua intent for this eclipse was to compare the energies of a total lunar eclipse to that of the total solar eclipse, and explore the similarities as well as any differences.


The physical process the lunar eclipse removes almost all of the component of Solar from this alchemical union between the sun and moon.  Thus the lunar eclipse frequency is much cooler than its solar eclipse counterpart.  The Earth, while involved in the solar eclipse as the target of the very narrow cone of energies and serving as the vantage point from which the solar eclipse is viewed, plays a much larger role in the lunar eclipse as it is the shadow of the earth which blocks the sun’s light from the moon.  Thus Earth energies are involved in the lunar eclipse.  Stellar and planetary, like the solar eclipse, are also present, and at much stronger levels.


I felt all of this in the way I was able to sense the energy during the eclipse.  The first place I felt the energy was in the heart, but this quickly jumped down to the root chakra, which represents Malkuth and the physical earth.  As the eclipse progressed, the energy gradually began to ascend to the higher energy centers.  Interestingly, I felt this eclipse much more along the spine and the back of the body and much less in the front, whereas the solar eclipse was felt mainly in the front and in the abdominal organs.


During the total phase of the eclipse, I invoked the Jaguar frequency, and called in the archetypal Jaguar.  This communication confirmed what I had sensed, that the total lunar eclipse energy, while very similar to the Jaguar of a total solar eclipse, is just different enough that it must be considered a separate frequency.  It became obvious as the total phase progressed, that this is the energy of the Black Jaguar.  The Black Jaguar is a naturally occurring color variant of Jaguars, wherein the orange color is extremely dark, almost black.  In the proper lighting conditions, a black jaguar really does appear to be black, but its characteristic spots are also visible at times.


As a frequency of the Aka Dua, the Black Jaguar has greater stealth properties and can help individuals work with their Shadow Self.  This process is required on the path of all serious spiritual aspirants.


Nature is the ultimate teacher.  She has much to teach if we are willing to learn.  Use your Aka Dua to enhance your perception, and your understanding.


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