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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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Aka Dua Energy: Spring 2018 Newsletter

March 26, 2018

Welcome to the World of Aka Dua:

You have recently attended an Aka Dua event or you have signed up on our mailing list, most likely at a trade show or holistic fair.  Please contact us with your questions.  (If you do not wish to receive notices about our events and the Aka Dua energy or Toltec consciousness work, please let us know)


What is the Aka Dua?

Throughout human history many cultures have described a form of living energy, that keeps us alive, that can be used for healing as well as for our spiritual growth.  In ancient China this energy was known as Qi (pronounced Chee).  In India, it was called Prana.  In early Europe, it was called the Vital Force.  Most forms of natural healing use this natural energy in some way.  The Toltecs were a culture based in Meso-America, and they simply called their version of this energy The Power.  While history records that the Toltecs disappeared sometime around 1,000 AD, the Toltec lineage that held the knowledge of The Power did not.  Those who were holders of this knowledge have kept it alive, in secret, from that time until now.


Released to the public starting in 2007 under the name Aka Dua, which means Innermost Light, the Aka Dua is available as a Transmission of subtle physical energy and has the ability to greatly enhance many aspects of your life. 


For Healing

The Aka Dua has the capability of being used as a healing modality.  On its own, it is the strongest form of subtle healing energy known.  It also can be used in conjunction with any other healing modality – massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, other forms of energy, anything.  Many people are first drawn to the Aka Dua for its ability to enhance their healing work, either as a practitioner, or for self-healing.  The Aka Dua Institute of Healing was founded with the intent of researching subtle energies and their use in healing, as well as, promoting and teaching the Aka Dua those who wish heal humanity.


For Consciousness Work

The Toltec culture was famous for many things, but especially for its artwork and its spiritual work on Consciousness.  It is the Toltec philosophy that we have the potential to go beyond the level of consciousness we were born with.  We can upgrade and improve what Nature gave us.  Over the centuries they developed simple yet powerful techniques for this.  The Aka Dua energy is a core part of this process.  Their intent was not just that each individual could do this, but that groups could as well.  The Toltecs found that working in groups was a major key to success in the field of consciousness.  Working in small groups, progress is faster than working alone or working in large groups.  Small groups, when linking their consciousnesses together, have the ability to have a positive impact on the world around them.  We have distilled down these Toltec teaching into a simple form that can be learned by anyone who applies themselves.  This work is suitable for those teaching, mentoring, and management. It is not necessary to be an ascetic monk in a monastery on a mountain in order to develop your consciousness.  The two-part seminars we offer may well be the best thing you can do for your personal growth.


For Advanced Spiritual Work

Beyond the basics of healing and consciousness work, it is possible to use the Aka Dua for advanced work on your own spiritual growth and transformation.  This work is conducted under the auspices of the Institute of Toltec Shamanic Arts, a school of esoteric knowledge led by Golden Eagle, an initiate in the Toltec lineage.  Teachings are transmitted through weekly discussions, workshops, group exercises as well as one-on-one instruction. 



Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most powerful.  Learning the subtle energy known as the Aka Dua may turn out to be the most important, transformative event in your life.  Your health may improve, your consciousness may improve, and you may start on a pathway of spiritual growth that completely revolutionizes your life.  If any of these interests you, please contact us.


Many of our activities, classes and workshops are offered on an as-needed basis.  When we receive requests, when there is a need, workshops and classes will be offered.  Stay tuned to our website for regular updates on classes and workshops.  We are in the process of upgrading to a new website platform and hope you will like the results. 

Follow us on Facebook for all the latest.


The Aka Dua Institute of Energy Healing, Mount Shasta CA



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