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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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How the Aka Dua manifests differently in each of us

April 11, 2018


A recent Aka Dua recipient emailed me a question about a dream she’d had, of a thick golden yellow fluid flowing out of her in almost unlimited quantities.  Initially, she was worried that she might have “lost” the Aka Dua energy.  I confirmed my initial interpretation with a short energetic meditation, then, I replied to her.  What follows in this post is the essence of my response to her.


Aka Dua is primarily a solar energy, and just as the primary color of the sun is a golden-yellow, we know from spectroscopic analysis that it contains all colors of the spectrum, from wavelengths too short for us to see past the violet (UV, X-rays, Gamma rays, etc.) and too long for us to see past the red (infra-red, microwave, radio, etc.).  When mixed together, though what we see when looking at the sun is the most dominant color, that golden-yellow we know so well we almost tend to forget about it.


Now, Aka Dua, when it manifests in us, merges with our atomic fields.  Think of it as partly filling in the space between all our electrons, protons, neutrons, and so forth.  It exists simultaneously everywhere within us.  There is point within each holder of the Aka Dua, most often somewhere between our chest and lower abdomen, though it can be in a slightly different location for different people. This point seems to be the center of where we each hold the Aka Dua, but that isn’t entirely accurate.  What we are sensing when we feel that point in ourselves or others is the energetic equivalent of the center of mass concept you probably learned about in a physics class once upon a time.


So when we are using the Aka Dua, we “send” energy to others, and with all forms of subtle energy – qigong, reiki, prana, etc. – we must learn to pull in energy from that infinite field of energy in the universe, and not just deplete our own energy.  You will know you are doing this part incorrectly when you feel exhausted or depleted after working on someone.  When first learning this skill, of channeling energy from the universe rather than using our own, we sometimes imagine pulling that energy in from outside us.  When I teach this in Level One classes, I tell people to imagine bringing in energy from the universe down through their crown and out their  hands,  or up from the ground through their feet and out there hands.


But, even this model isn’t exactly correct.  Because Aka Dua is acting like an antenna, the energy we are bringing in is actually emerging from within us.  Think of there being a fountain of energy within us concentrated at that point that is the center of your Aka Dua.  Just remember too, that THAT analogy isn’t entirely correct because the Aka Dua is simultaneously everywhere within us.  This construct, though, is very useful, especially when you are first starting out, and even when you’ve been doing it a while as I have.  This is what is meant by one of the translations of Aka Dua – Innermost Light.  That light is emerging from deep within your being on multiple levels.


The Aka Dua also connects each holder of this energy to a matrix that consists of all other holders of this energy – past, present and future – and to a portion of the background field that is the true, divine source of this energy.  Yet, we each bring in a unique form of the Aka Dua; unique because after merging with our atomic fields it carries part of the energy of our own atomic makeup, and each of us has slightly different atomic makeup by virtue of our different DNA.


So, back to the dream; I felt strongly this was a message to this particular Aka Dua holder of how the Aka Dua manifests within her, as well as giving clues on how she can use it.  I think of it as the Aka Dua teaching her how to use this remarkable gift.


There are a number of important factors to be learned from this dream. First, it is reminding us that the Aka Dua is emerging from YOU, not from “out there” somewhere (though yes and no, to some extent on this).  Second, the way the Aka Dua is  manifesting for this individual is like the thick golden colored liquid she described.  Since she is female it is natural that it manifest as a liquid, which is Yin in nature.  Just as the sun is predominantly golden-yellow, so is our Aka Dua, though it too carries all the frequencies of Aka Dua. Third, it is also telling us that there is an infinite reservoir of this energy available to each Aka Dua practitioner, as long as you remember to connect with it as I described above.


I suggested she use this image of Aka Dua in her healing work.  One possible way to do it (though not the only way), would be for her to sense her Aka Dua center, connect to the background field, then imagine this golden honey elixir emerging from that point and flowing out her hands to the client.  This is the way Aka Dua can work for her.  It probably wouldn’t help me much to attempt to work that way, since my energy is very Yang.  It comes differently for me.


When you are observant, you can learn to listen to the Aka Dua about how to work with it. This was a way the Aka Dua is manifesting for one individual For some of you it may be similar, though the color may be different.  It may be light beams you visualize rather than a liquid, or perhaps you think of the frequencies more as sound, like music.  There are an infinite number of ways the energy could manifest for you, when you use your Attention and invoke a pure Intent. There is a great deal of history and knowledge connected to this energy stream, and we can tap in to that when required.


By Arlan Cage| February 7th, 2017

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