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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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Jaguar Revelations from the Matrix of Light

April 11, 2018

Jaguar Revelations from the Matrix of Light


In the earliest teachings of Koyote the Blind, the Toltec Shaman who released the Aka Dua energy to the world in 2007, he referred to the 7 main frequencies of this energy we now know as Solar, Lunar, Atmospheric, Oceanic, Volcanic, Obsidian, and the Un-named.  Almost as an afterthought, both in his early Aka Dua manual and his early classes, he made reference to another frequency, called Jaguar,.  He didn’t discuss it often, and when he did, he was always a bit vague.  Some would ask if it was a combination of Solar and Lunar and the answer would come back as some version of “sort of”.  Some of us even got as far as asking if Jaguar was the frequency of a solar eclipse, and this too resulted in vague answers – you know how those Shaman can be!  Jaguar was described as kind of a mix of solar and lunar, but not quite, Koyote implied there was something more to it.

One teaching of Jaguar was that it could be used to invoke invisibility.  I have actually done this in the Dreaming, when being pursued by entities who wanted to kill me.  I simply stepped aside, invoked Jaguar, and they passed by, not seeing me.


But, what is Jaguar really?  Is it some type of combination of Solar and Lunar?  Is it something else entirely?  If only there was some way to run a test.  Some way out in nature to combine Solar and Lunar and see if it matches what I think of when I activate Jaguar.  Well, the Universe was kind to us, because in August 2017, a total solar eclipse occurred, with the center line of totality passing through central Oregon, just a short distance away from our home in Mount Shasta, California.  This was the opportunity I had been waiting for to experiment with Jaguar and the Eclipse.


For those who have never seen a total solar eclipse, it is extremely difficult to describe the magnitude of the awe-inspiring effects of this amazing natural phenomenon.  Many more people have seen partial solar eclipses, but the difference between even a 95% partial, and a total eclipse is several quantum leaps in terms of the overall effects.  I had seen one once before, in Baja, Mexico in 1991, which had been the longest duration of totality in more than 800 years, and there won’t be a longer one until the year 2132.  At that time, however, I was many years away from receiving the Aka Dua energy or engaging in my Shamanic path.




In true Toltec fashion, I approached this event with an Intent, which for this eclipse of 2017 was to experience the event Shamanically, and in particular to determine the true nature of the Jaguar frequency.


My wife Bonnie and I traveled to central Oregon near the little town of Mitchell, and viewed the eclipse from a field along a road to the John Day Fossil Beds, almost exactly on the center line of totality.  We had an unobstructed view of the sun from a meadow in a sparse juniper forest, with only a faint, thin layer of haze in the sky.


The partial phase of totality began at our location just after 9:00 am.  One of the first effects we both noticed was that the scents from the various plants in our vicinity became stronger and heightened.  We specifically sent Aka Dua energy to the sun and moon, as well as invoking Jaguar and our intent to truly understand this frequency.


One of the thoughts that came to me while watching the progression of the eclipse through the partial phase before totality, was the nature of the Oath we all took when we received the Aka Dua – to use it for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere.  Millions of people stopped watching the circus of current events and damaging politics to focus on this incredible natural phenomenon.  They gathered all along the line of totality.  They were polite, well behaved, respectful.  If we can do that, stop engaging in negative politics and practices to place our Attention on an event whose peak was only two minutes long, it proves we can actually stop the madness for a moment, we can stop giving our energy and Attention to events and activities that are intended to instill fear and lower our vibrations.  We can, in fact, place the Attention of our Collective Consciousness on something we deem far more important.

This is one of the lessons available to humanity from the Matrix of Light, the Aka Dua Grid as I sometimes call it, that specific portion of the Quantum Field from which the Power and Intelligence of the Aka Dua emanates.  This lesson was specifically sent during this eclipse.  It is a lesson in human collective consciousness that the Ascended Beings wish all humanity to embrace.

As the eclipse reached about 50% (meaning, about one-half of the sun’s disk was covered by the moon), the nature of the energy changed.  The overall temperature of the area was cooler, which you would naturally expect if you turned the sun down by 50%.  The Jaguar energy, however, also got cooler and noticeably stronger once the eclipse passed the 50% mark.  There is a coolness to the Jaguar frequency I hadn’t considered before.


Both Bonnie and I began to notice a strong magnetic sensation in the heart about this time.  This was accompanied by a slight racing sensation, as if of anticipation.  This occurred, even though once we passed this 50% point, there was a definite sense of peace and calm pervading the little valley we were in.


Also during the partial phase, we noticed a faint tingling sensation at the back of our skulls, the location of the so-called “animal eye” roughly opposite from the Third Eye at the front.  The animal eye is something we teach in our Aka Dua Healing courses as a way of balancing mental and emotional functions.


As the partial phase progressed, the center of this sensation moved lower in our body, past our stomach into our low abdomen, basically in the region where our Aka Dua center is located.  At the same time, we both experienced a sensation of weightlessness, like cars going quickly over the brink of a hill, or when an airplane begins to descend.  Once we hit the total phase of the eclipse, we could sense the Jaguar as if it was a tube, running from our low abdomen up to our heart, along the same path this magnetic sensation followed as it descended during the increasing partial phase.

The total phase was ushered in by a brilliant flash of the Diamond Ring effect, which lasted 1-2 seconds, and then the corona burst out with all its glory.  One set of effects we did not see, but I could feel, was the interference patterns on the ground which are sometimes visible.  I saw them clearly in 1991, but this eclipse, we didn’t see them at our location, I suspect because of the thin layer of haze.

The utter darkness of “night” was the effect that was the biggest surprise for Bonnie.  We overheard one of the other, nearby observers say “look, the stars are out”, and they certainly were, along with the planet Venus, which was also clearly visible.


This was one of the additional lessons of Jaguar.  It isn’t just a curious, elegant mixing of Solar and Lunar which makes up this frequency.  There is, in fact, a mixing of these two I will discuss in a moment.  It also, however, includes the energetic signature of Stars and Planets, most especially the planets Mercury (which I didn’t have time to attempt to locate) and Venus.  Stars and Planets, then, are the key missing ingredient of Jaguar!


When the amazing two minutes of totality were over, there was a sudden burst of light as the sun began to emerge from the other side of the moon, producing an even more amazing diamond ring effect than when entering totality.  Bonnie described this burst of light as if suddenly being hit with a spotlight from a helicopter in the middle of the night.


The magnetic tube sensation during totality then became just a sensation in the lower abdomen, which gradually rose back up to the heart as the partial phase decreased down to about 50%, then it faded away, reversing the order of sensations we observed during the phase prior to totality.

As I mentioned earlier, some of the visual phenomena we did not see were the light/dark bands of interference patterns on the ground just prior to and after totality, nor did we see the crescent shaped lights projected on the ground through the leaves of trees.  This was due to the thin layer of haze at our location.  We could, however, sense the interference bands with the Aka Dua!  I felt these changes first, looked down, but couldn’t visually see them.  I felt them in my Aka Dua center in the mid/low abdomen.




With that narrative of the overall effects of the eclipse in place, I now want to re-assess the various Revelations this eclipse produced for me regarding the Jaguar frequency.

Celtic folklore talks about a phenomenon known as the “Time Between the Times”.  It occurs for a few moments each day as we transition from night to day in the morning, and from day to night in the evening.  It describes those moments of dawn and dusk, neither day nor night.  It is said that at these times, the veil between this realm and the Otherworld is at its thinnest.  This same effect occurs during the moments of transitioning into totality, and coming out of totality.  The actual totality phase I would describe as Lifting the Veil, and being able to sense and see into the Otherworld on the other side of the veil.  This is most noticed by the re-appearance of stars during the eclipse, while still in the presence of the faintly glowing solar corona, which actually isn’t quite as bright as a full moon on a dark night.


Passing through the totality phase provides a shock to our neural and energetic systems, as well as a shock to our consciousness.  This shock is part of the transformative effects a total eclipse can offer someone who is a holder of the Aka Dua, or anyone who is on a higher spiritual path.  Simply viewing the eclipse from areas outside the path of totality, in essence only viewing a partial eclipse, or the effects perceived during a partial or annular solar eclipse, will never provide this shock.

The energetic summary of Jaguar I now offer is that it is like the total effect of a total eclipse.  At its core is a cylinder of Lunar with all its magnetic properties, surrounded by a shell of Solar and corresponding electric properties.  To these are added the energy of the Stars and Planets, especially Venus and Mercury.  In a way, Jaguar is an interference pattern between Solar, Lunar, Stellar and Planetary frequencies.


This energy, Jaguar, seems then to form a long tube which stretches from the moon to the earth as the path of totality.  It can produce a resonance with our bodies along the core tube of our own energy field.  We feel it first in the heart for reasons I will discuss in a moment.  It descends to our Aka Dua center as the partial phase progresses, and at the moment of totality, we feel the resonance of Jaguar along a large part of our own energy tube.


Chakra correspondences with the Aka Dua frequencies include Solar for the Third Eye chakra, and Lunar for the Throat chakra.  In our body, if we are to imagine the same process taking place as what takes place physically in our solar system during the total eclipse, the Sun, i.e. our Third Eye, is illuminating the Moon, our Throat, and casting a shadow on the next chakra down, our Heart.  This is why we feel it there, first.  As the effects of the eclipse become stronger as it moves closer to totality, our sensation moves closer and closer to our own Aka Dua center, resonating more and more with the Jaguar field we are in, until the moment of totality when we feel Jaguar resonating with our energy tube, at least the portion it just moved through, from our Heart down to our Center.

If you were to imagine a cross-section of the tube of Jaguar hitting the earth, it would have a core of Lunar, surrounded by a ring of Solar, and occasional small spots representing starlight and planetary light.  This same pattern is noticed in the highly unique spots that occur on the wild animal known as the jaguar, after which this frequency is named.


Understanding the physical phenomena of how this frequency is produced, the traits of the Jaguar, and the traits of other phenomena with similar properties, i.e. the Time Between the Times, can all give us clues of how to use the Jaguar frequency, which I will address below.

Solar and Lunar are polar opposites, a Yin/Yang pair.  Aligning these exactly, which takes place during a total eclipse, is a bit like being suspended between the opposite poles of two magnets.  This is what produced the phenomena of weightlessness we both experienced during this eclipse.

Jaguar frequency holds an intelligence all its own.  It isn’t merely the addition of Solar and Lunar.  This frequency is unique, its intelligence is unique.  We should consider it to be a unique frequency on its own, and not just a combination of other frequencies.


My last comment before proceeding to discuss the uses of Jaguar concerns the re-emergence of the sun, which in this case produced a brilliant Diamond Ring effect.  This had the additional feeling of seeming like the Eye of God re-opening.  The eclipse was as if God had closed his eyes for a moment, to allow us to see beyond the veil, and then opened his eye again.


The Uses of Jaguar

Jaguar is a mix of both Yin and Yang frequencies, with a predominance of Yin.  It will then have a tendency to be used to correct Yin imbalances, which are mostly structural.  (To read more about the Yin and Yang properties of the Aka Dua frequencies, see my manual, here:  Like the Jaguar moving through a jungle, it has an air of invisibility to it.  It can penetrate subtlely and secretly.  It is a good frequency to penetrate defenses, as well as to sense your own defenses.  You can use it to defend against psychic attacks, and identify the assailants and their plans before you scare them off.

Medically, it might be possible to use it in support of someone with cancer, a pathology with strong defenses, and transmit other healing instructions and energy frequencies.

Jaguar carries the energy of a total eclipse, and is a bit like a “reboot”.  As such it can be used to kick-start any aspect of health and healing that is “stuck”, whether this is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


Jaguar resonates with our core energy tube, the standing columnar wave that forms the energy structure for our chakras and some of our main meridians.  Jaguar can then be used to stimulate the core of our healing.


Because of its ability to penetrate, Jaguar can also be used diagnostically, especially to penetrate to the levels of our internal organs, inside major body joints, etc.

After you re-read this narrative, you will naturally want to experiment with Jaguar more yourself.  You will hopefully find your own uses for this frequency and add it to your repertoire.

A total eclipse may be the closest anyone who doesn’t hold the Aka Dua can ever come to experiencing the effects of the Aka Dua naturally.  To experience the effects of Jaguar during a total solar eclipse yourself, you will need to travel to the site of a total eclipse.  The next total solar eclipse anywhere in the world it July 2, 2019, visible in Argentina and Chile.  The next one visible here in the US is April 8, 2024.  Happy viewing, and enjoy using Jaguar!


By Arlan Cage| August 27th, 2017|

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