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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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Spiritual Uses of the Aka Dua

April 11, 2018

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is about using the Aka Dua for spiritual work.  It is generally well known that the Aka Dua is derived from the Toltec traditions, and that this represents a unique Shamanic path and system of philosophy.  Beyond that, however, a great deal of confusion and misinformation reigns.


There are some who read Carlos Castaneda’s work in the 1970s and 80s, and were attracted to the idea of the Toltec path, primarily because of Castaneda’s reports of the use of hallucinogenic substances such as mushrooms or peyote, and conclude that doing Toltec work allows you the get high any time you want.  Even today, some 40+ years later, this is still what attracts some to the Toltec path; they want to get high and be able to pretend they are being spiritual.

Others may have read works by Don Miguel Ruiz and like the idea of his Four Agreements, which seems to be a clean, simple approach to spiritual principles.  These people conclude that the four agreements constitute Toltec philosophy.  There is actually nothing wrong with the four agreements, it represents a nice start to any spiritual path, but it falls far short of capturing the scope and essence of Toltec philosophy, or the powerful spiritual transformations that are possible when studying and implementing the fullness of Toltec Wisdom, or any other true path of Higher Spirituality for that matter.


This brings us to the first point of using the Aka Dua for spiritual purposes.  The Aka Dua is a powerful tool.  It has many uses.  It is not, however, a spiritual path in and of itself.  You will not receive the Aka Dua level one transmission and suddenly become enlightened.  To enhance your spiritual work with the Aka Dua, you must, therefore, actually be practicing your spiritual work.  You must be following a spiritual path.  When you are, the Aka Dua will enhance all the work you do on your path.

The Aka Dua is a tool, it enhances your energetic capabilities far beyond what they could have been naturally.  Anything you do with your energy fields, your energy bodies, will therefore be enhanced.  If you use it for healing work, your healing work gets better.  When you use the Aka Dua for creative work such as art, music, dance, writing, carpentry, gardening and so forth, all those activities can be better.  Likewise, because of the way the Aka Dua can expand your consciousness and help connect you to your higher planes, the spiritual work you do with those higher plane connections will be more effective.


Let us agree, therefore, that you are following a higher spiritual path that resonates with you and is positive for the world and humanity.  I say “higher” spiritual path because there are many that aren’t.  They might make you feel good in the short term but do nothing for optimizing your true, spiritual potential.  These are sometimes referred to collectively as “the fluffy stuff”.  I am not addressing these – why would you want to waste your time on them?  Humanity is approaching a major crossroads in its history and evolution, and there simply isn’t any time to waste on the fluffy stuff which ultimately won’t help you accomplish anything of value spiritually.

When you hold the Aka Dua at a level one or level two, the most basic way of using the Aka Dua for your spiritual work is simply to activate your Aka Dua, then do whatever activity you normally do in your spiritual work.  Activate the Aka Dua, then meditate, pray, do your yoga, read your scriptures, recite your mantras or affirmations, or whatever work in your spiritual system you were going to do.  Keep detailed records in your spiritual journal (you do have a spiritual journal, don’t you?) as to the outcomes, so that after a month you should have records you can review and see whether or not your work has been better and more effective.


When you hold the Aka Dua at a Level Three, several additional possibilities become open to you.  The quantum leap you receive at Level Three has to do with an alteration made to your assemblage point by the Level Four practitioner who gives you your Level 3 attunement.  This alteration, among other things, permits you easier access to your higher spiritual planes than is possible at Levels One or Two.

This alteration is key because it makes it possible then, to learn a very specific sequence of energy techniques that will cleanse and enhance the functioning of your higher energy structures – your chakras, meridians, and your Antahkarana, one of your key, internal energetic organs.  This technique is known as the Vitriol sequence or technique.  This technique is one of the most profound and effective tools for enhancing your spiritual work available on the physical earth plane.

Attempting to learn the Vitriol before you are a Level 3 potentially carries some serious risks.  It is possible to damage your internal energetic structures in a way that can slow, delay or completely stop future spiritual development.  A good analogy would be going to the gym with no prior experience in weight training, and attempting to lift a barbell with far too much weight on it than your body is ready for.  You can pull muscles, tear ligaments and tendons, or even fracture bones if something goes wrong.  Those injuries, even though they may heal, could leave you permanently weakened which would preclude your future weight lifting ability.


I would like to caution you at this point that there are videos online that claim to teach this technique.  I haven’t seen them all, and make no claims as to their accuracy or safety.  The only people I know who are teaching this technique properly and safely at this point are myself and Koyote.

Saturday, May 20th, I am teaching a Level Three class in Mount Shasta, CA.  As part of that course, I will be teaching the full Vitriol sequence.  This will cover the technique and the subtle details of how to do it properly, and how to enhance its effectiveness over time.  Cost for the full class if you are receiving your Level 3 is $500.  If you are already a Level 3, cost of the course is $175.  In addition to the Vitriol, the course includes instruction on performing Level One transmissions, and Level Two attunements, as well as higher levels of healing techniques and how to use the Aka Dua in conjunction with kinesiology for assessing clients and working with energy structures such as meridians.

If you are a Level 2 or 3 holder of the Aka Dua, and are ready to enhance your spiritual work in ways you may not have thought were possible, contact us to arrange to attend this course and learn the Vitriol, along with other exciting ways to use the Aka Dua.



By Arlan Cage| May 8th, 2017

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