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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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The Future of the Aka Dua

April 11, 2018


When I first found the Aka Dua, I had been involved with martial arts for 20 years, and with alternative healing, including acupuncture and medical qigong, for more than 10.  While I had some ability with Qi and the subtle energies, I would describe my overall ability at that time as minimal.  After one month as an Aka Dua level 1 holder, all my abilities with energy were ten times stronger.  That was many years and several Aka Dua levels ago.


By the time I had reached level 3 I was amazed by what I could do with this energy.  I was doing things with diagnosis and treatment of patients that I hadn’t considered possible.  If you had told me in advance I would be able to diagnose and treat someone remotely, for example, and have them get better, I would have told you that you were crazy.


Yet, when I looked around at the students in Koyote’s school, at those individuals who had been responsible for spreading the Aka Dua in those first days and months after he released it to the public, I was also greatly concerned.


After having met the requirement to spread the Aka Dua to 1,000 people, very few of his students were actively doing anything with it.  It was very clear that most didn’t understand the concept of the subtle energies in general and Aka Dua in particular.  Hence most seemed not to appreciate how much more powerful and versatile the Aka Dua is than every other form of subtle energy available.  Some, even after years of working with Koyote, still couldn’t pronounce the name correctly.  I sensed that the interest in the Aka Dua was waning, and this incredible gift to humanity might die out.


My main motivation was to see that this did not happen.  My primary goal then was to use and promote the Aka Dua as a healing tool, which it is; a very powerful one.  Deep inside I felt an incredible angst that it might be lost, as it was once before after the fall of Atlantis.  I know I resonated with that event, where humankind suffered its most recent Great Setback and much knowledge, including the Aka Dua, was lost.  We are still in the process of recovering from those events, and we the human race stand upon a razor’s edge; there is no guarantee the future won’t hold another great calamity before we fully recover from the last one, and are able to resume our growth and development from where we left off roughly 15,000 years ago.


I expressed these concerns to Koyote one day over lunch, and in essence, he said “Thank you for volunteering to take over and spread the Aka Dua”.


The Mission Inn restaurant, Riverside, CA, where Koyote drafted me to work for the Aka Dua.

At that time, as I mentioned, my goal was to see the Aka Dua used for healing.  I had not yet embraced my own path as a Shaman, and hence hadn’t opened to the idea of becoming a spiritual teacher myself, nor of teaching the Aka Dua for spiritual purposes.  That would all come later.  As Bonnie and I began teaching the Aka Dua on our own, at every class the most frequent question we were asked was “how can we use the Aka Dua for spiritual purposes?”  Whenever I lecture on wholistic health, or nutrition, or detoxification, it seemed the subject of subtle energies would always come up, and more people would ask about the Aka Dua for spiritual uses than would for healing.


In parallel with spreading the Aka Dua for healing, my own spiritual growth and awakening continued. There came a time, after a long, circuitous course of synchronistic events, that I realized I was being called to the path of a Shaman and finally accepted that calling.  For someone with a left-brained background as a rocket scientist and doctor, to say that embracing Shamanism was a bit of a stretch for me is quite an understatement.  The full details of that process will make a nice story some other day.


Earlier this year, I completed a special, one-year training program under the direction of Koyote.  This training was long, extremely intense and rigorous.  It was successfully completed and resulted in changes to my spiritual makeup which have culminated in my attaining the level of “Shaman” in the Toltec lineage.


Koyote & Dr. Arlan Cage, aka Golden Eagle, discussing Aka Dua and astrophysics, Riverside, CA, 2015

This means I have now begun the process of forming my own Toltec party.  I am accepting apprentices and students, those individuals who are drawn to the Toltec philosophies, the Esoteric path, and the wide range of potential applications of the Aka Dua and other subtle energies; those who wish to explore the various applications of the Aka Dua and subtle energies for healing, spiritual transformation, technology, consciousness and human evolution.


I am ready to release new applications of the Aka Dua energy, and more such applications are under development.  The Aka Dua IS the most powerful subtle energy we currently have.  Yet, there are ways of modifying it to be even stronger than it currently is.  The Aka Dua is a gateway for the growth of human consciousness. Yet as a tool for transformation its potential has barely been opened.

This is my work for the near future, to continue to grow and spread the Aka Dua as a tool for healing; to use it for spiritual transformation, and to use it to enhance the process of upgrading human consciousness, both individually and collectively.  I see that the subtle energies in general, and the Aka Dua in particular, are the basis and fabric of all healing and spirituality.


The ability to combine knowledge of subtle energies, Shamanism, alternative & natural healing with the tools of modern science is one of the abilities that I bring to the table.  I have been blessed by the Universe with this mix of gifts and talents, and I have been tasked to use them in this time frame for the betterment of humanity.  Science is a tool; the language of precise investigation.  Contrary to the propaganda of modern secularists, science is neither infallible nor unassailable.  “Science” has barely begun to scratch the surface of many areas of spirituality, consciousness and the full structure of the universe – things like the higher planes and parallel realities – that Shamans throughout history have long known and mastered.


While it is nice that elements of modern scientific inquiry are able to start explaining some spiritual phenomena, we who are Shamans don’t need this scientific validation to do what we do or know what we know.  Make no mistake – it is the Shaman who has always been on the leading edge, and the scientist who is playing catch up.


As my own spiritual progress has taken place, my appreciation of the Aka Dua has grown even more.  I use it for everything.  My teaching of the Aka Dua has expanded greatly from only healing to include spiritual aspects, both for individuals and for groups.  My own work in the world now includes teaching the Aka Dua as a healing tool, teaching it as a tool for spiritual transformation for those who are awakening to the larger and more wholistic reality of the times in which we live.  I am teaching how to use it for the expansion of your own consciousness as well as the upgrading of the human collective consciousness.


The Aka Dua is a Toltec Shamanic energy.  It is one portion of a more ancient energy.  The Aka Dua is thus a tool, whose effectiveness in the future will be measured by the purity of Intent of those who wield it.  It is part of the creative Force of the Universe.  When you literally have the power in your fingertips to change the world – choose wisely!


Our world is passing through a time of great change and upheaval.  The prophecies of many lands and peoples from many time periods of history have warned us this was coming.  One prophecy I like the best is from the Hopi Nation, which says that yes, great change and upheaval is coming.  But how bad things get, how long the difficult times last, and how quickly humanity recovers depends mostly on how many people wake up now, upgrade and transform their consciousness, and proactively take steps to move humanity forward.


The key to the future of humanity, then, is Waking Up.  Those of us working a Shamanic path are doing as much as we can to create conditions that will enhance the ability of people to awaken to the larger, spiritual Truths of the Universe.  This process is very much like gardening. We create fertile soil, add compost, water, nutrients and the right mix of shade and light, and then plants can grow.

Just as in gardening, however, while the quality of the environment is a major part of the equation, so is the quality of the seed.  There are some who will Wake Up and embrace this time of change and work to move humanity forward, and others who will not.


The Aka Dua is one of the premier tools to assist in the process of waking up.  The Aka Dua enhances all our natural abilities, including our innate healing ability as well as our natural ability to communicate with our higher planes of consciousness and the higher spiritual realms.  We require optimally functioning, healthy bodies to use them for higher spiritual work.  The subtle energies are one of the things that can enhance our ability to be healthy.  Aka Dua is the strongest subtle energy we currently have to use for this purpose.


If you are a health care practitioner of any type, the best thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your work is to add the Aka Dua to your repertoire.  If you are someone in need of enhancing your health, the Aka Dua will increase the effectiveness of all healing modalities you receive.  If you are on a spiritual path of any flavor, and would like to increase the effectiveness of your spiritual work, the Aka Dua will do that.  I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t fall in to at least one of these categories.  Everyone needs to have the Aka Dua!


This is an overview of the future of the Aka Dua.  It is a primary tool for transforming humanity – in health and healing, in spiritual growth and transformation, and both individual and collective consciousness.  I have spent decades analyzing the various tools and systems available for healing and consciousness work, and it is my conclusion that the Toltec philosophies are the strongest methods available.  It is possible, right now, for humanity to begin working at a much higher level of reality.


The Aka Dua, or as they called it then, The Power, is the primary tool the Toltecs used in this process.  When the Toltec culture supposedly ended, this Toltec knowledge, developed in conjunction with the power – aka the Aka Dua- is why the Maya and Aztecs both looked to the Toltecs for the source of their culture, and why they both claimed Toltec lineage.  This Power, the Aka Dua, is why the Toltec knowledge, wisdom and energy was able to survive the last 1,000 years intact despite continued repression from every direction.



Fortunately for humanity, the intervening years since Koyote tasked me to spread the Aka Dua have seen many of his other students rise to the occasion and push the Aka Dua forward in many different directions.  It is being used in ways, which by Koyote’s admission, he never envisioned when he first released it.  The future of the Aka Dua, this Innermost Light, now looks quite bright indeed.

I am merely the latest in a long line of Toltec ancestors who came before me.  Like them, I am dedicated to growing and expanding the Aka Dua; to growing, uplifting and transforming humanity.  This is my work with the Aka Dua and as a Shaman.


The mind and ability of consciousness you were born with is not what you are limited to.  Just as you can upgrade a computer with better and faster components, so too can the Toltec methods add to, enhance, and upgrade your mind and consciousness.


I invite you to come join us and participate in this Great Work.  Come join our Toltec Discussions with Golden Eagle.  These take place Monday evenings beginning this coming week.  Come receive an Aka Dua transmission.  Come learn how to upgrade your consciousness.  Come help us transform humanity.


Golden Eagle


CONTACT:  530-926-1600

 November 3rd, 2017

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