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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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The Modern, 10-year Anniversary of the Aka Dua

April 11, 2018

It was in 2007 that the secret Power of the Toltecs was finally revealed to the world.  For more than 1,000 years since the last Toltec King, Ce Acatl, was deposed and driven into exile, this energy had remained hidden from the world.  The Toltec priesthood caste, under Ce Acatl’s directions, had scattered to the winds, taking The Power with them.  The learned to behave as chameleons, hiding in plain sight in whatever cultures they lived in.  They may have been farmers or artists on storekeepers by day, but in secret, they practiced the Toltec methods of expanding their consciousness, of accessing the higher dimensions.  The Power was the premier tool for this.

Compared to our natural energies, the Qi that flows through our chakras and meridians, The Power was so much stronger that it was as if our natural energies were children’s toys in comparison to the power output of a modern electric plant.  This Power was gradually refined, made stronger, bit by bit, generation by generation.  Always in secret, each generation very carefully selecting those who could be entrusted with this information.  They know, from prophecy, it was to be held in reserve, for a later time that they themselves would never see.  It was to be released at the end of the Gatung, the Great Age, just prior to the year we know as 2012.


Mayan representation of Ce Acatl, the last Toltec King, aka the 4th incarnation of Quetzalcoatl

Working with The Power required strict discipline.  Build your energy, build your personal power, experiment, and repeat this process.  Generation by generation it grew.  The Toltec Ancestors learned that progress with The Power and progress with one’s own spiritual transformation were intimately linked.  They learned, among other things, that progress was faster when working in small groups.  Through the process of resonance each group member benefited from the progress of others.  The friction one experienced with other group members through constant interaction of their energy bodies – the bodies of Light – speeded up this process.  If the group became too large, they also learned it was too difficult to maintain coherence, and progress slowed.  This is analogous to watching smoke rise from a stick of burning incense.  For a foot or so the smoke rises in smooth, laminar flow.  Then, inexplicably, the flow breaks down into turbulence, a process that would only be explained when the principles of Chaos Theory began being elucidated in the late 20th century.


Laminar and Turbulent flow of smoke from incense; an analogy for The Work in an Esoteric School

This went on until 2007, when the Toltec Shaman Koyote the Blind was directed to release this energy to the public.  He developed methods of transmitting The Power quickly…it no longer took years.  The innate intelligence of The Power began interacting with those who received it.  Koyote found he needed to create levels of initiation with The Power.  First came Level One, simply to receive the Subtle Substance of The Power.  Then came Level Two, which added a prismatic ability to split the Power into its constituent frequencies.  At each of these levels, Koyote thought he was done, but students and The Power had other ideas.  Some students began spontaneously breaking through to the next level, and Koyote had to go back to work, developing the understanding and techniques to safely bring them through to the next higher levels.  With Level Three came increased abilities with The Power, including the ability to also transmit it to others.

Then spontaneously, a small group began breaking through to Level 4; there were only 4 of us for a long time.  Koyote went back to work, guiding these groundbreaking pathfinders until they could safely achieve stability at these new and higher levels.  More techniques developed, and the Level 4 holders learned how to start working with the Assemblage Points of others so they could pass on the Level 3 initiation.



Koyote also chose a new name for The Power.  He went back to the Ancient Egyptian lineage, also derived from the Atlantean roots, and found the name Aka Dua, which can be translated as Innermost Light, as well as Unity Uttermost Shown.  The Egyptian descriptions of the Aka Dua match the Toltec Power exactly.  These more descriptive names give recipients a better understanding of just what the Aka Dua is, as well as giving Koyote the ability to better track its progress.

It was ten years ago that Koyote released this ancient gift to humanity.  Ten years have gone by while the Aka Dua has slowly been embraced by a new generation of healers, artists and spiritual seekers.  Ten years of patient, diligent, careful monitoring by Koyote, as students struggled with the spiritual changes the Aka Dua can induce.  Ten years of watching and waiting, until the next generation was finally ready to take this gift and run with it, to promote the advancement of Humanity.

Ten years of Shamanic patience.  Ten years of carefully tending this Aka Dua garden.  The world owes a debt of gratitude to Koyote, for this decade of effort, all done for them.  Yet, most who benefit from the existence and proliferation of the Aka Dua may never hear his name.  That is all right with Koyote.  He works for those of a much higher pay grade on the spiritual hierarchy than those who may never know of or appreciate his efforts.  I can’t imagine having a better Shamanic role model than Koyote.


Happy Modern Anniversary to the Aka Dua.  Wopila Koyote!

May we all follow your example, and continue to use the Aka Dua for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere.


Golden Eagle




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