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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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What is different about the Aka Dua compared to all other forms of healing energies?

April 11, 2018


I often get questions about the Aka Dua, regarding how it is different from other healing energies, such as Qi, Prana, Reiki, or others. I will try to address that in this post. First and foremost, the Aka Dua isn’t just an energy, it is a subtle, physical substance. Second, Aka Dua comes in a range of frequencies, not just one. All the others (Qi, Prana, etc.), are one frequency. Third, Aka Dua is stronger, and therefore a more powerful healing tool, than the others. I will now discuss each of these in a little more depth.


A Subtle, Physical Substance
When you receive a Level One Transmission, this physical substance combines with your atomic fields. It is this substance that becomes the source of the energy sensations you feel when you activate your energy. Think of the substance as being akin to a magnet, and what you feel are the magnetic fields. Aka Dua is NOT a magnet, nor is the energy the same as electromagnetism…this is simply an analogy that works for many people. This substance has a quantum mechanical explanation involving string theory. To read the full explanation, see my book “Aka Dua: An Ancient Healing Energy for a New Era”, which can be purchased on this website. Click the link for Aka Dua Manual


There are seven main sub-frequencies of the Aka Dua. When you receive your transmission, you are getting all seven. This is a bit like white light before it passes through a prism. At first, you have no ability to distinguish or use the various frequencies. After your Level Two, you gain the ability to use all seven individually or in any combination. This can give the most powerful healing effects. The frequencies are named based on the sensations they impart: Solar, Lunar, Atmospheric, Oceanic, Volcanic, Obsidian, and Un-named. The frequencies can be further described as either Yin or Yang, which information provides further clues to their healing uses. This description is also in my book.


When I first found the Aka Dua, I had been involved in the martial arts for almost 20 years, and with alternative healing more than 10. I was trained in several forms of medical qigong. Yet, my abilities to use energy, even with more than a decade of regular practice, was modest at best. After my transmission, while still a Level One, my ability and strength with the energy increased by about a factor of ten. It has only gotten stronger since then. Now, as a Level 4, I do things with the energy I didn’t think were possible before. Just recently I taught a Level One class, in which there were several members of a Chinese family, some in their 70s, and all of whom had done qigong their entire life. After receiving their transmission, we did some qigong forms. Their eyes got big, childlike smiles came on their faces and they were filled with amazement at how much stronger their energy was, instantly, with their Aka Dua Level One Transmission.


Aka Dua offers benefits that can be found with no other energy system. Another recent recipient remarked to her friends, when recommending they, too, receive the Aka Dua “This is the real thing!”

By Arlan Cage| December 2nd, 2015

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