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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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Why Add the Aka Dua to Your Healing Practice?

April 11, 2018


If you are a health care provider or healer of any type, you are probably very committed to providing the best possible care and services for your clients or patients.  You study, read, take additional classes, network with colleagues, and continually attempt to upgrade the quality of what you do.


Hypothetically speaking, what if there was a way to suddenly, almost overnight, magnify or amplify the effectiveness of what you do by 10 percent?  Would you be interested?  What if that sudden increase was a doubling of your effectiveness?  What is it were a quantum leap – a ten-fold increase?  Is that possibility something that would get your attention?


The Aka Dua is a healing tool unlike any other.  In the family of therapeutics generally referred to as the Subtle Energies, the Aka Dua possesses unique capabilities that no other form of subtle energy healing can offer.  There are other blog posts and information throughout this website that describes these unique differences; the purpose of this post is to describe the benefits and effects for you, the healing practitioner, for adding the Aka Dua to your work.


If you do any type of hands-on work, be it massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, surgery, energy treatments of any kind, the Aka Dua will enhance the effects of your therapies for your clients.  You will find that injured muscles, tendons and ligaments will probably heal faster.  Bones you manipulate will hold better. Energy treatments will be stronger and more effective.  Tight muscles will loosen easier.  All of this means that your clients will get better, faster.  Happier clients means more referrals for you.


Your clinical intuition is enhanced.  Our bodies are primarily energy.  At the quantum level, all our atoms and molecules vibrate and produce a composite energy field with a unique quantum mechanical vibratory signature.  This energy field we each possess has links to the Quantum Field, the background of potential energy that permeates the entire universe.  Because of the way which the Aka Dua merges with our own atomic structure, it better enables us to use our own fields to sense the field of our clients.  You will gradually find yourself “knowing” exactly what is wrong with someone the instant they walk through your door.  You will find that you know things about their medical history they didn’t write on their intake forms.  When you ask a confirming question or two, you may start hearing responses such as “wow, how did you know? I never told anyone about that!”


The Aka Dua substance, in essence, will behave as if your entire energy field is a bigger, stronger antenna and amplifier in one.  This applies to your ability to sense what is wrong with a client, as well as your ability to deliver more effective treatments.  Any healing work you do will get better.


Please feel free to call if you have questions and would like more information.


By Arlan Cage| March 13th, 2017


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