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What’s New with Aka Dua in 2018

January 27, 2018

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Aka Dua Levels and the Future of Humanity

August 17, 2018

 Aka Dua energy.  This is an interesting phenomenon if ever there was one.  The world of subtle energies, as they are called by the fringes of Western science that don’t completely shut down and run away screaming whenever this subject comes up, is still officially not well understood.  There is no good understanding of how these energies exert their effects on the human body.  


Part of the problem science has in figuring out the subtle energies, which includes Qi (the most common term), Prana (probably the second most common) or any of the other specific systems such as Hands of Light, Reiki, Jinn Shin Jitsu, and of course, perhaps the latest entry into the market, Aka Dua, is that science is only looking at the physical body.  Worse, for years, they only looked at dead bodies, ie cadavers, and during dissection, couldn’t find any structure corresponding to Meridians or Chakras, so the conclusion became, that the subtle energies didn’t exist.


Most of modern science stopped right there and just doesn’t go there anymore.  A few brave souls, however, have pressed on, undaunted by the rejection of mainstream science which also has many other failures on its resume.  Well, not of their resume of course – no one puts their failures on their resume.  It does show up on their grade transcript though, and mainstream science hopes they get hired on reputation alone by people with short memories who don’t remember the headlines and thus don’t ask to see the transcript.


One of the early pioneers was a German doctor named Voll, who did electrical research on acupuncture meridians on living people and found very interesting results.  It turned out the body’s tissues behave very differently, electrically speaking, on the meridians and acupoints compared to random locations on the body that aren’t located on the traditional meridians.   Voll’s research spawned a couple of generations of practitioners and equipment based on these phenomena.


More recent research has done such interesting things as watch what happens to the brain under MRI imaging when different points are needled.  What they find is that various regions of the brain become more active after the acupoints corresponding to those functions are needled.


So, the wacky fringes of science have begun showing that yes, while the mechanism of action of Qi and the subtle energies may be poorly understood, there is a very large growing body of evidence that says, yes, something is really happening that can’t be explained by conventional biological science, but does match traditional descriptions of Qi and Prana and other energies.  One limitation Science still has is that they are still only looking at the physical body.  They’ve yet to expand into the Energy Bodies, because to do so means crossing that boundary between Science and Spirituality, and all scientists are trained to “not go there”.  Some of us, however, seem to have flunked that part of our training and do go there, and when I finally get this next book out, I think you will be pleasantly amazed.

Some of you may have heard or read I have been exploring the world of subtle energies, through martial arts and healing/acupuncture, for about 30 years now, and while I had some proficiency in this arena, it all took off and became MUCH stronger when I added Aka Dua to the mix. 


By “much stronger”, I can honestly say about 10 times stronger.  Better at sensing, better at sending energy, better clinical results for healing clients, and better at my spiritual work.  As I moved up the Aka Dua levels, while I worked at each level, my proficiencies and strength continued to improve, and then, with each jump to a new Aka Dua level, I would experience yet another quantum leap of at least 10x or more. 


So, what is it about the Aka Dua that makes it so much stronger than other forms of subtle energy?  Well, the answer to that question is long and involved, and I will have a short blog in the near future which gives an overview of material that will be in my next book (hopefully by the end of this year – 2018) that I just alluded to above, which is specifically about the physics of the subtle energies and yes, a true mechanism of action for how they work in the human body.  There will be an entire chapter in this book exploring the physics of Aka Dua.


In the meantime, I encourage you to just be patient and hold out a bit longer and all the science you could ask for will be revealed.  What I want to tell you today, is, the higher you go in the Aka Dua levels, the stronger your abilities are for anything you use it on.  Going from Level 2 to Level 3 is life changing for many people.  Just a bit of what I have been told (and in many cases experienced myself, everyone’s response is different after all) includes:


- better ability to sense energies for healing work; where are the client’s imbalances

- better ability to send energy that others will feel and have an observable healing effect

- better psychic abilities.  Whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or clairgnostic, all these abilities will improve

- better results in all your creative endeavors.  This might include art, dance, poetry, writing, acting, music, athletics, martial arts, gardening, carpentry and fine woodworking; really any and all creative endeavors will experience a boost, a real quantum leap, when you move from Level 2 to Level 3.  The amount of improvement, the size of the Quantum Leap that is, is much larger than the leap you experienced when you moved from Level 1 to 2.  When you achieve Level 3, this is an achievement that really is life transforming.  You will never be the same, and I mean this in the best possible way.  It is as permanently life changing as a caterpillar transforming into a gorgeous butterfly. 

- better Astral projection/astral travel

- better meditation


In addition to having all your abilities related in any way to energy, consciousness, Attention, and maintaining your Intent all get stronger, there is one more ability that achieving the Aka Dua Level 3 will impart to you.  This ability, of course, is that capability to pass the Aka Dua on to others.


You must be a Level 3 or higher to be able to perform a Level 1 Transmission or a Level 2 Attunement.  Having this ability in your tool kit gives you a variety of options you didn’t have prior to becoming a Level 3.  For instance, you can teach workshops on the Aka Dua and give Level 1s and Level 2s.  These workshops can be about healing, or the Arts, or Consciousness, or any way you yourself like to use the Aka Dua.  I have one Level 3 who is planning to teach seminars to other musicians on how to use the Aka Dua to make their music better, and I can’t wait to see, and hear, the results.


It is especially important at this time in history for the Aka Dua to spread.  It is the greatest natural booster to the Human Collective Consciousness that we have available.  Look for another blog in the near future on the Human Collective Consciousness and how we are using it to change and transform the world and all of Humanity that wants to come along for the ride.  Thus, adding the Level 3 is not only beneficial to you, but can be beneficial to the future of Humanity.

 We in the Toltec lineage call this “working for the Aka Dua”.  This is viewed as slightly different than working with the Aka Dua.  Both aspects are important.  Spreading the Aka Dua, however, is a slightly higher-level skill.  We need Aka Dua Level 3s in every city, every state, every county, working for the Aka Dua and for the future of humanity.


The name “Aka Dua” has two slightly different and closely related translations.  The first is Innermost Light.  Once you receive the Aka Dua, the light, the force, that is the Aka Dua emerges from within you.  It becomes a permanent part of you. 


The second translation is “Unity Uttermost Shown”.  This carries the connotation that the Aka Dua is connected directly to the Unity at the center of the Universe, from which all life and all intelligence flows.  This force, light and unity emerges from within you.  It is transformative in its own right.  You, and every Aka Dua recipient, are more strongly connected to the Source of the Universe, and thus, all your efforts for the betterment of humanity and all beings everywhere will be stronger and more effective.  This means that “working for the Aka Dua” is in fact, working for the Universe. 


This is a bit of why you should consider moving from Level 2 to Level 3.  The Universe and Humanity really do need you. 

Do Good, Avoid Evil

Dr. Cage


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