"Teachings of a Toltec Survivor" 2nd Edition

The long awaited second edition of "Teachings of a Toltec Survivor" by Koyote the Blind,  will be released in late April 2019. This new edition will contain new added useful material in addition to the original transcript from the 2007 Esoteric Course which was the basis of the 1st edition.

Wake Up!

"The Robot is afraid of the waking state ... The robot, the Tonal, and the Ego - they would give you anything as long as you don't wake up.  They will give you comforts, troubles, riches, psychic powers to distract you.  They will even give you the illusion of enlightenment.  They would tell you that you are done, that your are there.  If you have an idea of what enlightenment is like and that is your goal, they would have you believe that you are there."

Teachings of a Toltec Survivor, 1st edition

The Teachings of a Toltec Survivor is the ultimate guide for Awakening to our true spiritual nature necessary to walk a path of truth, and a must have book for the Seeker of Knowledge!

Order directly from the Author, Koyote the Blind for only $34.95

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Testimonial - 
"I had the rare pleasure to be part of the original Esoteric Course during the Spring 2007, and the opportunity to join Koyote's school.  I have read the Toltec Survivor numerous times over the past decade, and always find gems and teachings I have missed in the past.  This is no ordinary book, one can benefit by simply keeping a copy under their pillow until they are able to grasp the concepts in each chapter that progressively building on one another.  Koyote shows us how to awaken the Essence, how to bring the Machine and Ego under our Will, and how to truly "Know Thyself".  This is a book that will serve you over and over again throughout your journey.  It contains core truths and the foundation for doing the vertical path.  I eagerly await the new edition of this treasure, and the words of wisdom Koyote has to impart to us a decade after the books 1st release."
Aurea Luc
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